Zeny’s day


Today is the birthday of our class salutatorian, Zeny Cervantes (in pic with hubby Jun Vigo). Together with a group of IV-1 peps, they are now enjoying themselves at a resort in Laguna. Happy birthday, Zen, and we do hope you’ll enjoy this day and the years ahead.

To those who failed to join the outing, we shall be posting the photos as soon as we get them.

Update: To view some photos of this event, please click here.


Literary gems

In our previous post we promised we would be featuring poems published in the Valentine’s issue of The Barangay circa 1977. Featured poets are Conrad Santiago, Jorge Bagasan Jr., Zenaida Cervantes and George Hizon. Conrad and Jorge are from IV-3.

An ala-Tia Dely article written by Ana Marie Joaquin “for people with loveaches” is also published below.

Let’s enjoy these for now as we continue to rummage through our files for more literary gems.

love poems1

lovepoems zeny



Second honeymoon?

Jun and Zeny Vigo were in Bohol recently and we wonder if they did spend their second honeymoon there. If so, they couldn’t have chosen a more romantic place than Chocolate Hills.  Legend has it that those mounds of land, cone-shaped and almost symmetrical, came about when Arogo, a young and handsome giant, fell in love with an ordinary mortal named Aroya. When the latter passed away, the grief-stricken Arogo shed humongous tears that would later dry and become hills.

Jun told us it was a pity they didn’t get to meet up with Ma’am Fe Calope, who, at the time of their visit to the province, was in Manila.

Welcoming Eva

Our classmate Eva Llabres is really back to the fold. As if making up for lost time, she has been attending social gatherings right and left, like this one held  last January 16 at the Red Box in Trinoma.

The event, paid for by the ever-generous Chie dela Peña, served as a welcome treat for Eva. Also present to give our long-lost classmate a warm embrace included Didi Espiritu, Eddie Roberto, Keith dela Cruz, Ruby Gaviola-Guevarra, Larry Ramos, Remy Tuazon, and Zeny Cervantes-Vigo who came with daughter Zarah.

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