Father’s Day 2017

Today’s Father’s Day and as our way of honoring all the fathers out there, we thought of compiling here some Filipino ads that focus on them and their relationship with their sons and daughters. Take a bow, ‘Tay!

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Thinking ’bout somethin’

Every now and then we stumble upon some music videos that are so engaging we wish we were there to actually savor the positive vibe it exudes. Like this one, a video directed by Todd Edwards and performed by the Hanson. Watch it full-screen to enjoy its high-definition quality.

The search for Maria

Reality shows, in the hopes of topping the so-called ratings game, are devising various ways to get the attention of television viewers. Just like this ingenious gimmick staged by the local program “Search for Maria”, a talent show that will pick the best singer-actress to essay the lead role in the “Sound of Music”, a classic film that is now a popular musical in Europe.

This video was taken at the train’s central station in Antwerp, Belgium, last month. It was supposed to be an ordinary day for all passengers, until they were surprised by a performance of 200 dancers interpreting Julie Andrew’s “Do Re Mi”.

Enjoy it and have a happy Easter!