Nǐ hǎo

Classmate Jun Vigo was in China, Hongkong and Macau recently for a business trip and here are some of the photos of that visit. To see more, please visit his Facebook account or our online photo gallery.

We hope that Jun was also able to get in touch with her millions of long-lost relatives in those places. 🙂


Second honeymoon?

Jun and Zeny Vigo were in Bohol recently and we wonder if they did spend their second honeymoon there. If so, they couldn’t have chosen a more romantic place than Chocolate Hills.  Legend has it that those mounds of land, cone-shaped and almost symmetrical, came about when Arogo, a young and handsome giant, fell in love with an ordinary mortal named Aroya. When the latter passed away, the grief-stricken Arogo shed humongous tears that would later dry and become hills.

Jun told us it was a pity they didn’t get to meet up with Ma’am Fe Calope, who, at the time of their visit to the province, was in Manila.

From Dublin to Cork


This is the third and last installment of Lito Parungo’s travelogue on his recent visit to Ireland (click links to read part one and part two). His trip was supposed to be limited to Dublin, but he eventually decided to travel to Cork after recalling that a first cousin of his lives there. Located in the southern part of Ireland, Cork is the country’s second largest and third most populous city.

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Studying abroad


Studying abroad was one topic of conversation we never had in high school. Given our “lowly” situation then, just being able to enrol in college was for us already a feat in itself. After finishing our undergraduate courses, we immediately went on looking for jobs and eventually raised our own families. Taking up post-graduate studies, let alone doing it abroad, was simply not in our scheme of things.

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