Online karaoke

Online videokeDo you have a fast internet connection? If so, maximize it by enjoying some of the most exciting sites the web has to offer – for free. This time, we would like to introduce to you an online karaoke site called The Sims Onstage.

Those of us who have suddenly become passionate about singing – Didi (you should hear him sing, ang galing), Eric, Keith, and many others – will surely enjoy this one. If you can maintain an account with Friendster or any other social networking site, learning how to use Sims Onstage is definitely a walk in the park.

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Finding work that you love

clipartWe peps may all be working now but some of us remain constantly on the lookout for better opportunities or, most important, for that “perfect” job that will make us completely happy.

Keith has done it already, giving up a lucrative income and opening his own clinic; Ruby is planning to do the same and put up a consulting firm with her friends; Eddie is leaving the country to try his luck in Canada; and Lito, unfortunately, is still at a loss which job in which country is the most ideal choice for him.

We are reprinting the following article to help those of us who are contemplating a career shift (or a even a simple career move) but are procrastinating because they have no idea where to start and how to best handle it.

We shall be publishing similar tips in the future. Don’t hesitate to send us articles you stumble upon.

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Success story of an LDHS grad

We stumbled on the following article in the online edition of Manila Bulletin, dated March 25, 2007. It is about the scholarships given by the NEC Foundation, Inc. for less privileged students.

We are reprinting this story because it features Christopher Basmayor, a graduate of Lakan Dula High School (Batch ’98 ) who won a grant from said foundation and graduated summa cum laude. Also consider this as our blog’s for-your-information service. Who knows, your son or daughter could be the next NEC scholar.

Christopher Basmayor

Christopher at St. James Park in London, England

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