Literary gems

In our previous post we promised we would be featuring poems published in the Valentine’s issue of The Barangay circa 1977. Featured poets are Conrad Santiago, Jorge Bagasan Jr., Zenaida Cervantes and George Hizon. Conrad and Jorge are from IV-3.

An ala-Tia Dely article written by Ana Marie Joaquin “for people with loveaches” is also published below.

Let’s enjoy these for now as we continue to rummage through our files for more literary gems.

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Miss Valentine

Because it is love month, we thought of posting the following news clippings from the February-March 1977 issue of The Barangay, our official school publication. This is to remind everyone how we celebrated Valentine’s Day at LDHS 39 years ago.


We shall be publishing love poems written by classmates and batchmates in our next post.

Take it from Ate Ana

This is for the current crop of LDHS students out there who might be looking for ways to study effectively: a how-to article written 38 years ago by our wacky classmate Ana Marie Joaquin. Be forewarned, though, that parental guidance is required. We can only hope that reading this piece of advice will, as its title suggests, put a smile on your face.


[Source: The Barangay, October 1977.]

Junior staff


As a long-held tradition during our time, the year’s last issue of The Barangay would be passed on to third year students. Above are classmates and batchmates who were chosen to run the paper in 1977-1978. You may click here to view the eventual composition of the editorial staff.

More juniors visit library than seniors

ldhs library

Written by Laarni Canicula

More juniors visited the library and availed of its services than seniors, revealed a study made by the Library Club in cooperation with the main library.

The survey was conducted under the guidance of Mrs. Victoria Zacarias, chief librarian, covering a period of eight and a half months from June 14, 1976 to February 15, 1977.

The results of the survey were the following:

The students who frequently borrowed library materials were the juniors closely followed by seniors. The second year and first year students followed as third and fourth, respectively.

The top ten sections with their respective scores (number of times they borrowed) were:

  1. III-10 — 1,890
  2. IV-4 — 1,362
  3. III-6 — 1,248
  4. IV-1 — 1,012
  5. III-1 — 944
  6. III-4 — 866
  7. III-14 — 776
  8. III-5 — 748
  9. III-7 — 736
  10. III-12 — 674

Meanwhile, Mrs. Aurora Cabiltes, school librarian, revealed her observations on student behavior in the library in an interview with the ‘B’ junior staffers.

Mrs. Cabiltes disclosed that a number of books and magazines have been destroyed by some students who don’t value books.

She further revealed that to stop these bad practices, they prohibit students without ID’s to enter the library, provide tables for those who use the encyclopedia or Atlas to avoid further destruction. Librarians keenly watch the students.

The foregoing article was published in the junior edition of The Barangay (February-March 1977), when our batch was still in third year. Does this mean we were more studious than our senior counterparts then?

High school publications


In our possession now are old copies of The Barangay and Ang Baranggay, our alma mater’s official student newspapers. A copy of the LDHS Newssette, a mimeographed newsletter aimed at training future TB and AB editors and writers, is also part of this collection.

We shall be publishing the contents of these publications in the coming days so we enjoin you to regularly visit the website.

Top 10 school papers

Our alma mater has taken the 7th spot in the Department of Education-Manila’s list of 10 best student newspapers for schoolyear 2011-12. The ranking is based on the accumulated points earned by these schools in all the journalism competitions they participated in. Ramon Magsaysay and Manila Science occupy the top two spots.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Magsaysay – 424 points
  2. Manila Science – 341 points
  3. Roxas – 296 points
  4. Torres – 267 points
  5. Arellano – 247 points
  6. Laurel – 237 points
  7. Lakan Dula – 224 points
  8. St. Anthony – 198 points
  9. Maceda – 176 points
  10. Manila HS – 173 points