Burgis goes bakya

One of the first articles we published on this website was about the songs we grew up with in the 1970s. In said article we made mention of the emerging group of Filipino artists whose works were beginning to challenge the dominance of foreign musicians in the local music industry. Recently we stumbled upon a post that expounds on this topic. Written by journalist-screenwriter-editor Jose “Pete” Lacaba, it was first published in the January 1978 issue of The Review and republished in the author’s blog called Ka Pete sa Patalim. We are reprinting the article as part of our continuing trip back in time.

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Aguman Sanduk

Minalin Church

When we were still in college, a group of peps once went on a trip to Minalin, Pampanga. If we’re not mistaken, it was during a town fiesta when the late Jimmy Borja invited Dado Dizon, Lito Parungo, Mario Mercado, Didi Espiritu and Eric Macatangay to go with him and stay at his aunt’s place for a couple of days.

What we did there exactly is now vague, but we are 100-percent sure that no one there mentioned anything about “Aguman Sanduk”, a unique event that we found out about just recently.

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The Ruins

Would you know where this magnificent structure is located? Do we hear Rome? Lisbon? Madrid? Nope. And would you believe that this palatial residence, or what’s left of it, can be found in Talisay City, Negros Occidental?

We, too, were so amazed when we found this out from the travel blog Byahilo. The award-winning site is being maintained by Enrico Dee, who describes himself this way:

“Enrico Dee is a twenty-something who simply enjoys life. He was born in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, and took up BS Computer Science at the University of St. La Salle. He currently enjoys life as a full time travel blogger.”

Read his post below about The Ruins and we enjoin you to visit his blog and be dazzled by such a wonderful country called the Philippines.

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Manila’s hustle and bustle

Tondo scene

Every now and then we run into interesting blogs that are worth sharing. And one of these is that of “Señor Enrique”, who photographs and writes about Manila. Here’s how he describes his blog: “Life in Manila as observed by a former New Yorker who with a laptop and camera has reinvented himself as a storyteller.”

Like us, the writer-photographer also grew up in Tondo and his reminiscences about the place, like the excerpts we are reprinting below, will definitely strike a chord with all of us.

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