Class pictures



As promised, we are posting two more class pictures of Batch ’78 that we recently got hold of. The first one is the II-4 class, under Mr. Calip; and the second is the III-1 class, under Mrs. Mercedes Huan. Both of these class advisers, incidentally, were our former English teachers.

The members of the III-13 class have been featured here.

May we enjoin all batchmates to send in their own class pics in earlier year levels? It would be great to save them for posterity.

Our email address is: ldhs78[at]gmail[dot]com.


First year high

first year

We’ve published this class picture earlier, but we just found out it was already missing in the original post. So we are reposting it here: the beautiful members of the I-1 class, schoolyear 1974-75.

We shall be uploading more class pictures soon.

Junior staff


As a long-held tradition during our time, the year’s last issue of The Barangay would be passed on to third year students. Above are classmates and batchmates who were chosen to run the paper in 1977-1978. You may click here to view the eventual composition of the editorial staff.

High school publications


In our possession now are old copies of The Barangay and Ang Baranggay, our alma mater’s official student newspapers. A copy of the LDHS Newssette, a mimeographed newsletter aimed at training future TB and AB editors and writers, is also part of this collection.

We shall be publishing the contents of these publications in the coming days so we enjoin you to regularly visit the website.

Larry in first grade

Larry in first gradeThis is another addition to our collection of elementary school photos. Focus on the cute guy in the second row (with the x mark). That’s Larry Ramos on his first year at Rizal Elementary School. (Click photo to enlarge)

Larry mentioned in a comment he sent today that Arnel Batungbakal was his classmate, but we are still trying to figure out where he is in the pic (he must be the totoy in the top row, second from left).

May mga kilala ba kayo sa mga ito? Ang daming pamilyar na mga mukha.