Fun day

Welcoming Mel

The peps had another fun day yesterday as they welcomed long-lost classmate Mel Abas. Mel traveled all the way from Lubao, Pampanga, to get reunited with the group. He would find out later that her married daughter, Arlene, shares the same village with Ruby Gaviola, our perennial host in Filinvest.

Mel also got to see Didi Espiritu today when they met up at Eva Llabres’s eatery in Mandaluyong, together with John Marcella and Lito Parungo.

You may view our pictures here.


Lunch date

We have a lunch date on August 18, Saturday, at Ruby’s place in Quezon City. Mel has promised to be there, along with Eric and Lito. All three are on vacation in the country. Please do confirm your attendance by texting Remy. See you there!

Successful defense


Classmate Mel Abas is finally coming home after successfully defending his doctoral thesis proposal at Maejo University in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Mel will be in the Philippines for a number of months for the data collection and is looking forward to meeting up with all of us for the first time in so many years. Congrats, Mel, for hurdling this difficult challenge. And see you!


Lolo Mel

We are officially adding classmate Mel Abas to our list of lolos and lolas. This is Mel’s first apo, son of eldest daughter Madelaine. The class’ other grandparents are Eva Llabres, Larry Ramos, Eric Macatangay, June Lapira and Noelito Roque, whose granddaughter (below, with parents Noelito Jr. and Richelle) was baptized recently.

Pamorningan sa QC

If  you haven’t received Remy Tuazon’s email recently, here’s to remind all of you that Chie dela Peña, who arrived in Manila last April 23, is celebrating her birthday on May 6 at Noel and Ruby Guevarra’s residence in Quezon City.

Chie’s golden day is actually on May 10, but the peps decided to hold it earlier because Keith dela Cruz is leaving the country on May 9 and another balikbayan classmate, Pearly Jaramilla, is going back to Japan on May 8.

The celebration will start from 7 p.m. till 7 a.m. “Kaya wala talagang tulugan,” said Remy.

We have yet to hear from Eric Macatangay who’s also supposed to be in Manila by this time. Mel Abas, on the other hand, is due to arrive on May 10, so we are planning to hold a separate welcome get-together for him.

Letter from Mel

Sorry for this late update.

What befell Ronnie was really, really sad. Just read about it on our blog. I really have missed a lot of events and happenings, no? I didn’t know the site had been existing for three years. I found June’s letter in Kapampangan funny. So he’s been looking for and asking about me. I didn’t receive Dado’s letter. I might have left the US already when he sent it. I also suddenly remember Eddie and the time when we used to hang out at their place. Eric’s prediction that you would track me down in 2010 came true. Thanks to my colleagues here in Thailand for making me a Facebook account. You would not have found me.

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