Street food


Our London-based “correspondent”, Reny dela Peña, recently sent us these photos of mouth-watering food sold in the streets of Metro Manila. They were culled from the photoblog of Sidney Snoeck, a Belgian who moved to Manila in 2002.

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Old Manila

In his column today in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dr. Michael Tan writes about two videos, titled “Castillian Memoirs” and “Queen City of the Pacific”, that feature rare footage of Manila in the ’30s.

We are sharing them with you to supplement our history teachers’ lack of teaching aid when they were discussing how the Philippines of yore looked like. Sabi nga, huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din. 8)

“The films are entertaining but they can be educational as well. History and geography classes could come alive as students get to see moving pictures of life in Manila before World War II,” writes Dr. Tan, who is also teaching at the University of the Philippines.

To read more about these films, please read Dr. Tan’s column here.

Manila’s hustle and bustle

Tondo scene

Every now and then we run into interesting blogs that are worth sharing. And one of these is that of “Señor Enrique”, who photographs and writes about Manila. Here’s how he describes his blog: “Life in Manila as observed by a former New Yorker who with a laptop and camera has reinvented himself as a storyteller.”

Like us, the writer-photographer also grew up in Tondo and his reminiscences about the place, like the excerpts we are reprinting below, will definitely strike a chord with all of us.

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