Why buy expensive toys

We had a nice laugh watching this video sent to us by our Ontario-based classmate, Malu Ortiz-Kalyan, showing a father and his son having a great time playing.

Yeah, why buy expensive toys when you can have this kind of direct interaction with your children?

Thanks, Malu. Is there a new baby coming, by the way? 🙂


Aarthi’s 18th birthday

Malu Ortiz-Kalyan’s daughter, Aarthi, has turned 18 years old this year. The celebration was actually held last June but it took a while before the photos were delivered to them by the photographer who covered the party. And as we always say here, it’s better late than never.

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Dateline: Ontario

Ortiz-Kalyan family

Ortiz-Kalyan family: Arjun, Malu, Ishwar and Aarthi. Taken during Arjun’s high school graduation last January

Located in the central part of Canada, Ontario is the country’s second largest province after Quebec. Its capital is Toronto, but Ottawa, Canada’s capital, is also located there. It shares borders with the provinces of Manitoba to the west and Quebec to the east and the American states of Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. As of 2006, Ontario is home to 12,160,282 residents – that’s 38% of Canada’s total population – and this official census includes one classmate of ours: Marilu Ortiz.

Yes, we got her! Or should we say, she got us?

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Malu in Canada

We already know where Marilu Ortiz is. Thanks to Eric Macatangay for taking time out to comb the streets of Tondo and look for our classmates there.

Eric went to Villafojas and was able to talk to Malu’s brother, Edgar. Unfortunately, Edgar was a bit tipsy that day and could not readily give her sister’s contact information.

Nevertheless, Eric was told that Malu has been living in Canada with her children. We have asked Ruby Gaviola to call up Malu’s mom to get our classmate’s email address and telephone number.

Eric also went to G. Perfecto to look for Minerva Llabres, but Eva was nowhere to be found. His next targets are Rogelio del Prado and Martina Kalaw, both Tondo residents, and Ariel Dimacali in Alabang.

Eric’s successful search for Yoly Mañalac will be discussed in a separate post. Yes, peps, we finally have gotten in touch with our Jersey-based classmate.

Malu’s and Evelyn’s birthdays

It’s Marilu Ortiz’s birthday today. Unfortunately, we have yet to hear from her. There was news before that she was already living in Iran, but this was never confirmed. Malu is one of the girl classmates that really bonded with the IV-1 boys after our graduation and having her in any lakad or gathering was always a pleasant experience.

Anyway, Eric Macatangay has promised to go to Villafojas, Tondo, to know whether she or her relatives are still living there.

Evelyn Bongalon-Sangalang, meanwhile, is celebrating her day on March 5. We have told you earlier that we found her at graduates.com and wrote her a note. But she hasn’t replied to this day.

Happy birthday, Malu and Evelyn! Kisses from all of us.