Importance of teamwork


The following article was culled from the September-October 1977 issue of Ang Baranggay. Written Larry Ramos, AB’s sports editor, this editorial is part of a series of articles we are publishing here as a way of reminiscing our stint as campus journalists and showing the context we grew up in.

Tidbit: Did you know that Jun Vigo and John Marte Marcella were also part of the publication’s sports section? You may click here to view AB’s staff for schoolyear 1977-78.

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I went to your wedding

Sometime ago we practically implored Larry Ramos to share some of his wedding pictures — to no avail. So we decided to mobilize our in-house researchers to dig up those snapshots. And above is what they have come up with: a photo of the very first wedding in our big “family”. (The date on the photo is not the wedding date, it’s when we shot it.)

Eddie Roberto stood as best man in this wedding and he might have been the one who took this one? Anyway, those in the pic are Mel Abas, Didi Espiritu, the late Jimmy Borja, Yoly and Larry, Keith dela Cruz (also one of the secondary sponsors), Jun Vigo and Lito Parungo.

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Welcoming Eva

Our classmate Eva Llabres is really back to the fold. As if making up for lost time, she has been attending social gatherings right and left, like this one held  last January 16 at the Red Box in Trinoma.

The event, paid for by the ever-generous Chie dela Peña, served as a welcome treat for Eva. Also present to give our long-lost classmate a warm embrace included Didi Espiritu, Eddie Roberto, Keith dela Cruz, Ruby Gaviola-Guevarra, Larry Ramos, Remy Tuazon, and Zeny Cervantes-Vigo who came with daughter Zarah.

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Growing old gracefully


“We know we’re getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it. “

Our friend Larry Ramos celebrated his birthday recently. Responding to the birthday greetings we sent him, he wrote:

Thanks for the greetings. Birthday lang, hindi happy. Got lot of things to think of. Getting old, missing you guys, missing my father, “death threat” (matanda na kasi eh). Everyone and everything, pumapasok sa isip ko. Somehow I feel so tired and yet I am afraid to rest forever. Ganito pala ang tumatanda, nagiging lalong feeling senti. Sabi nga ng daughter kong si Larizza, “Don’t think you are getting older, you are just getting wiser”. But the way I look at it, mas wise sila, kasi lagi nila ako naiisahan, kaya feeling ko tumatanda. Anyway, just sharing you how I feel nowadays, parang KSP (kulang sa pansin). Masakit isipin na several years from now “dual citizen” na tayo: Filipino citizen and senior citizen.

Some people may see it as a milestone, but for Larry getting old seems to be one dreadful thought. Are you having the same feeling lately? If so, try to seek solace in the following three-step advice on how to grow old gracefully, which we lifted from eHow.

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