More juniors visit library than seniors

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Written by Laarni Canicula

More juniors visited the library and availed of its services than seniors, revealed a study made by the Library Club in cooperation with the main library.

The survey was conducted under the guidance of Mrs. Victoria Zacarias, chief librarian, covering a period of eight and a half months from June 14, 1976 to February 15, 1977.

The results of the survey were the following:

The students who frequently borrowed library materials were the juniors closely followed by seniors. The second year and first year students followed as third and fourth, respectively.

The top ten sections with their respective scores (number of times they borrowed) were:

  1. III-10 — 1,890
  2. IV-4 — 1,362
  3. III-6 — 1,248
  4. IV-1 — 1,012
  5. III-1 — 944
  6. III-4 — 866
  7. III-14 — 776
  8. III-5 — 748
  9. III-7 — 736
  10. III-12 — 674

Meanwhile, Mrs. Aurora Cabiltes, school librarian, revealed her observations on student behavior in the library in an interview with the ‘B’ junior staffers.

Mrs. Cabiltes disclosed that a number of books and magazines have been destroyed by some students who don’t value books.

She further revealed that to stop these bad practices, they prohibit students without ID’s to enter the library, provide tables for those who use the encyclopedia or Atlas to avoid further destruction. Librarians keenly watch the students.

The foregoing article was published in the junior edition of The Barangay (February-March 1977), when our batch was still in third year. Does this mean we were more studious than our senior counterparts then?


Laarni, is that you?

We came across this interesting obituary published in the Los Angeles Times of October 31, 2006:

“Eleanore Leon Carrillo was born in Los Angeles on March 30, 1916. She passed away peacefully surrounded by her family and loved ones in her home of 65 years in Burbank, CA on October 26, 2006. She is mourned with great sadness by her much-loved daughters Eloise Carrillo, Virginia Wirffel; son-in-law Bob Wirffel; granddaughter Jennifer; son Edd Carrillo; daughter-in-law Jane Carrillo; two grandsons Brett Carrillo, Bart Carrillo; daughter-in-law Cyndie Carrillo, and two great-grandchildren Aidan and Colton; brother Gilbert Leon, and her three loving care givers Glenda Foster, Brenda Foster, Laarni Canicula, many nephews, nieces, cousins and everyone fortunate enough to have known her. Rosary and viewing will be held Nov. 1st 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Old North Church, Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. Services the following day at 10:30 at the white Church of the Hills at Forest Lawn.”

If the Laarni mentioned above is our classmate, then we were right when we wrote in a previous post that she had indeed immigrated to the United States.

Our search for her and the other 11 missing peps continues …..

Yoly on Mario and Laarni

Yoly Mañalac has joined forces with Dado Dizon in the search for our US-based classmates. Here’s Yoly’s latest update:

Hi Dado,

Kamusta na? Hope you’re doing well. I got Mario’s address but not sure if this is him as there are too many Mario Mercado’s in California. But this Mario Mercado has a middle initial of “M”, and was born in 1962. I kind of remember that he is Mario M. Mercado so hopefully, we are getting to the right Mario. I know Fresno is far from where you are. But here’s his information:

4240 Harvard Avenue
Fresno, CA 93722
(559) 275-2390

I got Laarni’s information after paying a fee. It didn’t offer much information except for an incomplete address. Went through another search engine, and I got a more complete address in LA with a phone number. Tried to call but line was already disconnected. I’m sending her mail and see if I can get to her, and hopefully, she responds.

Regards na lang to your family. Sana makasama mo ulit sila soon.

Take care,


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Laarni and Minerva V.

Two more peps who we haven’t found yet are celebrating their birthdays this month: Laarni Canicula (today) and Minerva Villafria (April 28). Does anyone know where they are?

Eric Macatangay, who now lives in Calamba, Laguna, tried to track down Minerva there but could no longer remember the exact place where she invited us for a swimming outing right after our high school graduation. Laarni, on the other hand, has lost touch since 1988.

Wherever you are, happy birthday. We haven’t given up on you as of yet.

Laarni in the US of A?

Is Laarni Canicula already in the US? Pipl, the search engine we mentioned earlier, has in its list  a Laarni Canicula who is a resident of Los Angeles, California. No any other additional information was given, though.

We know that Mario is also in the US, but he has so many namesakes in the country, even in California where we know he lives. The best way to ascertain his whereabouts is for someone to go directly to Fullon, Dagupan and ask his relatives who still live there. Anyone?