How time flies


Quo vadis, Pinoy?

Independence Day in the Philippines

We got this letter that has been circulating on the internet, and posting it on Independence Day is definitely very apt.

It was written by a certain Juan dela Cruz, obviously a pseudonym, who seems to challenge all of us, Filipinos, to reflect on the current situation the Philippines has found itself in.

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Tuition blues

Graduates Batch 2008

Fresh graduates of the Holy Family School, with Joseph Benjamin Parungo (right), modeling for this post

Schoolyear 2008-2009 officially opened yesterday. And for sure, many of us are among those who have been affected by the spiraling cost of college education in the Philippines.

Consider yourself lucky if you can still manage to send your children (or nephews/nieces) to school, for many high school graduates will have to put off their dreams of earning a degree because of the limited budget their parents have at their disposal.

This sad state of affairs is the topic of a news story we are reprinting below, which also talks of students transferring to public schools that, in turn, can no longer accommodate this massive influx.

Magkano lang ba tuition noong panahon natin? At the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, for instance, tuition in 1978 was 100 percent free and an incoming freshman had to shell out only P500 or less for the miscellaneous fees. (Tama ba, Remy and Ruby?)

But as the years went by, we also witnessed how education was becoming more and more a privilege rather than a right.

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‘Pisay’ in Amsterdam

Have you seen “Pisay”? I was supposed to watch it last week in a theater here in Amsterdam, but failed to do so because of a two-day company meeting I had to attend. Tough luck! Anyway, try watching it. I heard we all can relate to this film, which documents the travails of a group of high school students. The film was directed by Auraeus Solito, the same guy behind the award-winning “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros”.

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Public HS students dominate DOST tests

A news item in today’s issue of Philippine Star, which shows how competitive graduates of public high schools are:

Senior public high school students ruled this year’s scholarship examination given by the Science Education Institute (SEI) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), despite glaring disadvantages in resources and facilities.

Out of the 2,480 students who passed the SEI qualifying examination, 1,565 came from public high schools followed by private schools (361 students), science and technology-oriented schools (252), state university-based high schools (128), Philippine Science High School (110), and regional science high schools (64), the SEI said in a statement yesterday.

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Reunion itch

Class reunionMichael Schutzler, president and chief executive officer of the social networking site, was quoted in an interview that fresh high school graduates are not that interested in reunions.

However, that changes with time, according to Schutzler, saying that when people get to their late 30s and 40s, there’s that urge to connect with former classmates.

The above observation is quite accurate if we are going to analyze our recent decision to attend the upcoming grand reunion of LDHS graduates this April 12. After failing to attend previous reunions, here we are suddenly having this itch to reunite with our  fellow alumni and former teachers.

Interesting, ‘no? Pero bakit kaya? Has that to do with growing old. 😦