Welcome to the club

We would like to greet US-based classmate Dado Dizon who is celebrating his birthday today. Welcome to the golden club, Dado. What do you prefer to hear from us, Dado: cheers or cheer up?


The Dizons

One of our birthday celebrants this month is Dado Dizon. As a way of celebrating and greeting him on his special day, we are posting here some photos of him and his family in California. This is the first time that we are featuring the whole family on our blog.

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Our friend Dado Dizon arrived from Los Angeles, California, this morning at 6:00 a.m. He just sent us a text message, apologizing for not being able to attend Ruby Gaviola’s surprise party for hubby Noel Guevarra, which was held at Mcdonald’s El Pueblo in Mandaluyong City  just this evening.

“As expected, hindi kinaya ng powers ko ang antok at pagod. Kaya sayang at hindi tayo magkikita ngayon. Anyway, text ko kayo re my sked. Thanks and regards,” said Dado.

We’ll keep you posted on the peps’ activities this December, especially the planned Christmas party.

Meantime, our birthday greetings to Noel and to Remy Tuazon’s bunso, Richard Ron Martin.

Ronnie po, may pakain

Ronnie Gorgonio will be celebrating his birthday this Sunday, November 23, and would like to have lunch with all of us at SM San Lazaro Food Court, 11:00 am. This is the first time that Ronnie is celebrating his special day with the peps so make it a point to be there.

Rorie Quijano is also celebrating her natal day on November 24 and we have yet to hear from her if she’s organizing anything. She is leaving for South Korea on the 20th of November for a speaking engagement and will be back two days later, in time for daughter Rachel’s birthday.

And finally, it’s Dado Dizon’s birthday today. Dado, as you all know, will be arriving soon.

Happy birthday to all of you, beloved classmates.

Yoly, at last!

Those who have seen Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s “Babel” can definitely appreciate what we mean if we compare our search for our missing classmates to this Academy Award-winning film. The movie begins with an incident in Morocco, which will later have a profound effect on other persons living in the United States, Mexico and Japan.

Consider now our search for Yoly Mañalac. Jeddah-based Eric Macatangay visited a batchmate of ours, Reginal Cruz (IV-3), in Manila, and asked him if he still had any communication with Yoly. The meeting produced a calling card, the content of which Eric immediately sent to Lito Parungo in Amsterdam. Lito, for his part, shared it with Dado Dizon in Los Angeles, requesting him to call up our Jersey-based classmate.

While “Babel” has a tragic ending, ours had a happy one, with Yoly getting in touch with the three peps.

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Dado on Mel

Dado Dizon has got hold of Mel Abas’ address in New Jersey. It’s been a week since he sent Mel a letter but the latter has yet to respond. Dado: “Hindi kaya nag-iba na ng identity si Mel? Baka hindi na siya kulot ngayon?”

One suggestion Dado forwarded was for someone (Eric?) to go to Sta. Rita, Pampanga, and visit Mel’s parents there.

Dado promised to keep us posted about his search not only for Mel but also for the other US-based peps.