Baby #6


Remember the “Name-that-baby” contest we’ve had here on our blog? The snapshot above is a latest addition to our collection of the peps’ baby photos. Can you guess who this young mademoiselle is?

Here’s to refresh your memory about the first five babies we’ve featured already:

We are calling on the rest of the class to send in their baby pics.


Baby #4

Our contest is not over yet. Can you guess our fourth baby?


Baby #3

How about our third baby? Who is this? Sige nga?


Baby #2

Here’s our second baby for you to guess. It’s getting more and more difficult, no?


Baby #1

Last week we called on the peps to send in their baby photos, and now we’re just glad to feature our first cute baby. Do you know who this is? We shall be posting more in the coming days and whoever has the most  correct guesses wins a special prize.