Cultural show in Cali

George Gange and Ulysses’s interpretation of “Anak ng Dalita”

George Gange, IV-1 Class, Batch ’68, would like to invite all California-based classmates and batchmates to a Filipino cultural show they are mounting this June 29. Read the following press release they sent us for more information:

The FilAm Vets Rondalla and other volunteer performing friends are putting up a thanksgiving testimonial show, titled UGNAYAN, as a way to thank the community which include our aging veterans who have graciously supported their group in the various noble cause-oriented projects they have unselfishly spearheaded in the last ten years.

The show will be held on Sunday, June 29 , 2008, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Little Theater, Jefferson Union High School District , 699 Serramonte Blvd. , Daly City , CA. 94015.

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IV-1 class, Batch ’73

IV-1 class, batch ‘73

This is the class picture (click to enlarge) of the IV-1 class, Batch ’73, sent to us by one of its active members, Rebecca Alejo Regis.

Do you recognize familiar faces, particularly those in the mentors’ row? They are Miss Cresencia Reyes (second from left), Mrs. Quijano (fourth from left), Mrs. Salmorin (first from right) and Miss Virginia Jaen (second from right).

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More schoolmates linking up

We have just posted two comments sent in by two members of Batch ’73, who were former students of Rorie Quijano’s mother. They are also looking for their “missing” classmates.

Earlier a daughter of an LDHS graduate was inquiring about her mom’s classmates from Batch ’67. Members of classes ’76, ’81 and ’71 have also gotten in touch with us.

It’s really nice to know that more and more fellow LDHS alumni are discovering our blog and trying to make use of it to reunite with their classmates.

We would like to thank you all for visiting us here and please feel free to use this site to track down your high school friends.

Those looking for specific persons may use the comment section of the article I’m looking for…

Or better still, you are encouraged to attend the LDHS grand reunion on April 12, which is being hosted by Batches ’65 and ’69. Who knows, you might just bump into your long-lost pals there.

I’m looking for …

Are there former classmates (aside from the peps) or teachers (aside from our teachers in fourth year) that you want to see again or at least know what and how they are doing?

Could you please mention them in the comment box? Who knows, they themselves might come across this post and respond. And of course, there’s always that possibility that someone else out there knows their whereabouts.

Consider this post as our panawagan section. It’s also open to all LDHS graduates.