Kaybuti ni Itay

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Balak sana naming ilathala ang artikulong ito noong nakaraang Araw ng mga Tatay. Pero dahil sa maraming kaabalahan ay hindi na ito umabot. Kwento ito na sinulat ng aming kamag-aral na si Eva Llabres at nalathala sa Ang Baranggay (Setyembre-Oktubre 1977). Sana ay inyong magustuhan.

At pakiabangan na rin ang mga kwentong sinulat nina Lito Parungo, Jaime Borja, at iba pang kamag-aral.


Kaybuti ni Itay

Sinulat ni Minerva D. Llabres

Pangkaraniwang tsuper lamang si Itay. Nguni’t gayunpaman isa-isa niyang napag-aral ang aking mga kapatid ng mga kursong ibig nila. Aywan, nguni’t marahil ay sadyang bigo siya sa aking mga kapatid sapagka’t isa-isa silang nagsipag-asawa ilang buwan lamang makalipas ang kanilang pagtatapos.

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Importance of teamwork


The following article was culled from the September-October 1977 issue of Ang Baranggay. Written Larry Ramos, AB’s sports editor, this editorial is part of a series of articles we are publishing here as a way of reminiscing our stint as campus journalists and showing the context we grew up in.

Tidbit: Did you know that Jun Vigo and John Marte Marcella were also part of the publication’s sports section? You may click here to view AB’s staff for schoolyear 1977-78.

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High school publications


In our possession now are old copies of The Barangay and Ang Baranggay, our alma mater’s official student newspapers. A copy of the LDHS Newssette, a mimeographed newsletter aimed at training future TB and AB editors and writers, is also part of this collection.

We shall be publishing the contents of these publications in the coming days so we enjoin you to regularly visit the website.

Top 10 school papers

Our alma mater has taken the 7th spot in the Department of Education-Manila’s list of 10 best student newspapers for schoolyear 2011-12. The ranking is based on the accumulated points earned by these schools in all the journalism competitions they participated in. Ramon Magsaysay and Manila Science occupy the top two spots.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Magsaysay – 424 points
  2. Manila Science – 341 points
  3. Roxas – 296 points
  4. Torres – 267 points
  5. Arellano – 247 points
  6. Laurel – 237 points
  7. Lakan Dula – 224 points
  8. St. Anthony – 198 points
  9. Maceda – 176 points
  10. Manila HS – 173 points

Campus writers

This photo was sent to us by Fe Mamaril-Fauni of Batch ’71. It features that year’s staffmembers of both The Barangay (TB), which Fe edited, and Ang Baranggay (AB). The pic was taken during their graduation day and they are shown here with TB’s adviser, the late Mrs. Elma Pineda-Baking.

Aside from Mrs. Baking, the other advisers the school papers have had – or at least those known to us – include Miss Lilia Andres (AB), Miss Fe Capule (TB), and Mrs. Yolanda Perez (AB and TB).

Since a couple of years ago, The Barangay has stopped publication due to the lack of an adviser. Ma’am Yoly is still the current AB adviser and trains contestants for the English category of journalism competitions that are still being held to this day.

During our recent visit to Lakan Dula High School, Ma’am Yoly informed us that both AB and TB have for years consistently placed in the Top 5 Best School Papers. We will be getting in touch with her soon to ask her to help us complete our list of AB and TB editors-in-chief, which we are posting below.

Thanks to all those who helped us with this initial list. Please use our comment section for additional names (or corrections).

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Updates from Ma’am Yoly

We just received a text message from Mrs. Yolanda Perez, our former journalism teacher.

Ma’am Yoly is actually responding to a letter we sent her last week. We told her about the planned reunion and invited her to attend. She said she shed tears of joy after reading the letter and was so touched and thankful we haven’t forgotten her after all these years.

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