Football in LDHS

We were pleasantly surprised to see this video of a football meet inside the LDHS campus. First, football (or soccer, as it is called in the US) is no popular sport in the Philippines and, second, it is a sport usually played by men. That’s why seeing all these teams of girls playing and enjoying the sport has made watching the footage — neatly shot, by the way — a rather enjoyable experience.

We are also sharing this video to to all LDHS alumni who haven’t been to the school since their graduation.


Miss Valentine

Because it is love month, we thought of posting the following news clippings from the February-March 1977 issue of The Barangay, our official school publication. This is to remind everyone how we celebrated Valentine’s Day at LDHS 39 years ago.


We shall be publishing love poems written by classmates and batchmates in our next post.

Top 10 school papers

Our alma mater has taken the 7th spot in the Department of Education-Manila’s list of 10 best student newspapers for schoolyear 2011-12. The ranking is based on the accumulated points earned by these schools in all the journalism competitions they participated in. Ramon Magsaysay and Manila Science occupy the top two spots.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Magsaysay – 424 points
  2. Manila Science – 341 points
  3. Roxas – 296 points
  4. Torres – 267 points
  5. Arellano – 247 points
  6. Laurel – 237 points
  7. Lakan Dula – 224 points
  8. St. Anthony – 198 points
  9. Maceda – 176 points
  10. Manila HS – 173 points

Manila’s best high schools

We just stumbled upon this list released by the Department of Education (DepEd-Manila), which contains Manila’s Top 10 public high schools with the highest overall average Mean Percentage Scores (MPS) in the National Achievement Tests (NAT) for 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

Here they are:

  1. Manila Science  (72.63)
  2. V.  E. Fugoso  (52.30)
  3. Ramon Magsaysay  (51.01)
  4. F. Torres (47.71)
  5. E. Rodriguez Vocational (46.42)
  6. Lakan Dula (46.20)
  7. C. Arellano (46.05)
  8. J. P. Laurel (45.95)
  9. Araullo (45.85)
  10. E. Abada (45.83)

These schools were given cash awards on December 8, 2011 by the city government as incentive for performing consistently well for the last two school years.

[Source: DepEd-Manila.]

Recognition Day

LDHS held its annual Recognition Day last April 2 and one of those who graced the occasion was our former journalism teacher and Batch ’70 president Beth Bustamante-Hua. Ma’am Beth was there to personally hand out special awards to four students (one per year level) who have been most active in community service. The awards are being sponsored by their batch and Batch ’68. Our congratulations to all the awardees and, of course, to the graduating class of 2011.

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Wish list

During LDHS’s Foundation Day celebration last December, the current school administration distributed a wish list (click image above to enlarge) that contains things the school urgently needs. When we ran into this, we couldn’t help but feel incensed that our alma mater, just like the other public schools in the Philippines, are practically begging for much-needed facilities and equipment while cases of our government officials raiding the public coffers for their personal gains have become a daily fare in our country.