Literary gems

In our previous post we promised we would be featuring poems published in the Valentine’s issue of The Barangay circa 1977. Featured poets are Conrad Santiago, Jorge Bagasan Jr., Zenaida Cervantes and George Hizon. Conrad and Jorge are from IV-3.

An ala-Tia Dely article written by Ana Marie Joaquin “for people with loveaches” is also published below.

Let’s enjoy these for now as we continue to rummage through our files for more literary gems.

love poems1

lovepoems zeny




Miss Valentine

Because it is love month, we thought of posting the following news clippings from the February-March 1977 issue of The Barangay, our official school publication. This is to remind everyone how we celebrated Valentine’s Day at LDHS 39 years ago.


We shall be publishing love poems written by classmates and batchmates in our next post.