More juniors visit library than seniors

ldhs library

Written by Laarni Canicula

More juniors visited the library and availed of its services than seniors, revealed a study made by the Library Club in cooperation with the main library.

The survey was conducted under the guidance of Mrs. Victoria Zacarias, chief librarian, covering a period of eight and a half months from June 14, 1976 to February 15, 1977.

The results of the survey were the following:

The students who frequently borrowed library materials were the juniors closely followed by seniors. The second year and first year students followed as third and fourth, respectively.

The top ten sections with their respective scores (number of times they borrowed) were:

  1. III-10 — 1,890
  2. IV-4 — 1,362
  3. III-6 — 1,248
  4. IV-1 — 1,012
  5. III-1 — 944
  6. III-4 — 866
  7. III-14 — 776
  8. III-5 — 748
  9. III-7 — 736
  10. III-12 — 674

Meanwhile, Mrs. Aurora Cabiltes, school librarian, revealed her observations on student behavior in the library in an interview with the ‘B’ junior staffers.

Mrs. Cabiltes disclosed that a number of books and magazines have been destroyed by some students who don’t value books.

She further revealed that to stop these bad practices, they prohibit students without ID’s to enter the library, provide tables for those who use the encyclopedia or Atlas to avoid further destruction. Librarians keenly watch the students.

The foregoing article was published in the junior edition of The Barangay (February-March 1977), when our batch was still in third year. Does this mean we were more studious than our senior counterparts then?


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