Laguna excursion

We are glad to post a couple of pictures we dug up recently (thanks, Rorie Quijano). They were taken in Cabuyao,, Laguna, on March 29, 1978, a day after our high school graduation.



In these photos are Rorie, Minerva Villafria (our host), Mario Mercado, Evelyn Bongalon, Gil Buan (or is it Buddy Ignacio in the first pic?), Ric Manuel, Laarni Canicula, Zeny Cervantes, Dado Dizon, Eddie Roberto, Ma’am Fe Calope-Lomantas, and three classmates who are now deceased: Jaime Borja, Ronnie Gorgonio and June Lapira.

We are finding it hard, though, to identify three persons in the second pic: the one standing almost outside of the frame (is it George Hizon or Larry Ramos?), the guy behind June, and the tall lady on the right (click photo to enlarge).

Also unfortunate is that not all those who joined the outing are in these group photos. Sayang!


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