Why I used to cringe at being called ‘Nanay’

Most of us are already parents, and being called Nanay or Tatay by our  children is definitely music to our ears. But what would be your reaction if a complete stranger addressed you the same? Here’s how the author of the following article reacted when she experienced this:

“I was stunned. Someone whom I have never met in my life called me Nanay — and he seemed to be just a tad younger than I was! I wanted to snap at him, ‘How dare you call me Nanay!’ but kept my cool. I cringed at the term also because it stung my vanity. Did the stranger see me as a woman who looked old enough to be his mother?”

Read on and be prepared when your turn comes. 🙂

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World Hip Hop Competition

For those who don’t know yet, Ruby Gaviola-Guevarra was in Las Vegas last July to accompany her son Keeno for the 2011 World Hip Hop Competition. Keeno is part of the crew called Hataw, one of the dance groups that represented the Philippines in the prestigious dance contest. Hataw eventually landed in the Top 10.

We’ve been looking for a clip that features Hataw’s winning moves during the competition, in vain. So we decided to just post this video of the group during Skechers Street Dance Battle held in 2010.

We’ll add photos soon.