Pamorningan sa QC

If  you haven’t received Remy Tuazon’s email recently, here’s to remind all of you that Chie dela Peña, who arrived in Manila last April 23, is celebrating her birthday on May 6 at Noel and Ruby Guevarra’s residence in Quezon City.

Chie’s golden day is actually on May 10, but the peps decided to hold it earlier because Keith dela Cruz is leaving the country on May 9 and another balikbayan classmate, Pearly Jaramilla, is going back to Japan on May 8.

The celebration will start from 7 p.m. till 7 a.m. “Kaya wala talagang tulugan,” said Remy.

We have yet to hear from Eric Macatangay who’s also supposed to be in Manila by this time. Mel Abas, on the other hand, is due to arrive on May 10, so we are planning to hold a separate welcome get-together for him.


One thought on “Pamorningan sa QC

  1. Eric Macatangay

    Yes, peps, darating ako baka on May 14 diyan. Inform ko kayo. Nice na magkikita kami ni Mel. See u there and want to meet my very close friend Reny. Welcome back. Sayang di ko inabutan si Pearly. Miss ko na rin inuman. God bless us all!

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