What was the craziest thing you ever did in school?

Spot.ph, an online lifestyle magazine, posed this question to a number of celebrities and below is a selection of those who participated and their replies:

Pepe Smith, musician:

“I shot the girls with spit wads and told my teacher to go hell!”

Cherie Gil, actress:  “I was a really good girl in school until I dropped out of second year high school. That in itself is the craziest thing, if not the most stupid thing I’ve ever done in fact in my life.”

KC Montero, radio DJ:

“I used to pull pranks on my teachers like leave cans of tuna fish and sardines hidden all over the classroom. After a week they had to suspend class because the smell was so awful. They never caught me.”

Phil Younghusband, model and Midfielder for the Philippine National Football Team (Azkals):

“If I liked a girl in school, I would always kick the ball near her and start showing off.”

Mylene Dizon, actress:

“Fist fight in  first grade? I don’t remember why we fought but I remember being in the principal’s office with a shiner. I was six I think.”

Ping Medina, actor:

“Back in high school, we had this overnight thing inside the campus for extra grade. But we wanted to go out so I had an idea of approaching a random college dude in the parking lot to ask if we can hitch a ride past the guards undetected. We crouched down on the carpet while one of us stayed in the trunk. An accomplice stayed behind for our “attendance” and we had a memorable night in Manila, which includes being stopped at gunpoint by at least five Malacañang gate guards (armed with automatic rifles) because of drag racing inside the premises.”

Chito Miranda, musician:

Ninakaw namin yung ahas mula sa bio lab tapos nilagay namin sa locker ng classmate namin. Philippine python lang naman kaya walang poison.”

You may click here to read more. Be forewarned, though. The experiences shared by most interviewees are generally not as exciting as ours.

Kaya ba nilang magsunog ng papel sa ilalim ng silya habang walang kaalam-alam ang nagbabasang kamag-aral? O ang gibain ang nabubulok nang kahoy na hagdanan ng paaralan dahil sa walang tigil na habulan? O ang paglalagay ng mabibigat na bato sa mga bag na madidiskubre mo na lang pagdating mo sa bahay?

Share your own juvenile wackiness in the comment section.

One thought on “What was the craziest thing you ever did in school?

  1. Jess M.

    the craziest thing i did in high school was to fall in love with my teacher, a newly grad then. siguro dahil bago lang siyang teacher, di ako pinapansin. bawal daw yung ginagawa ko, yung teacher-student relationship. i would eventually drop out of school dahil heartbroken ako. it took me another year to return to school to finish my senior year, but that time sa ibang school na. i was already working when my ex-teacher and I would cross paths again. to make this story short, here I am now still happily married to her. Nakatatlo nang anak. Moral of the story: sinong may sabing bawal ma-in love ang isang estudyante sa teacher and vice versa.

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