Top graduation songs

Graduation month is here again and choosing the perfect graduation song is very crucial as this will also serve as the victory song of all the hardship, joy and sacrifices one has undergone in his/her years of studying. This graduation month, WikiPilipinas has listed down some of the graduation songs in the Philippines heard and played over and over again when it’s finally time to put down those books and get up on stage to get that diploma.

“Farewell” – The song “Farewell” sang by Raymond Lauchengco during the 80’s is probably the most popular graduation song in the Philippines. The song talks about the separation of friends after years of being together. It perfectly catches the exact emotion of graduating students, thus, making it as an all-time favorite during graduation ceremonies.

“Special memory” – “Special memory” has different versions by Jam Morales, Leah Salonga, Mark Bautista and The Company. This emotional song expresses how memories of someone will always remain no matter how far they may be separated by distance. A choice among graduates as it best exemplifies how their friends, teachers and special someones will remain in their hearts and memories even after the march has been done and the diplomas have been received.

“In my life” – Originally sung by the Beatles with different versions by Pinoy singers, “In my life” talks about how one person will remain incomparable and exceptional in a person’s life no matter how many people he/she meets. The song captures the students’ sentiments towards leaving their friends and loved ones behind. The song tries to cast away the fears of the apprehensive students that are bound to start a new life totally different from what they have been accustomed to. Although the possibility of meeting new people and friends is most likely after graduation, the song “In my life” gives a relieving feeling that separation does not equate forgetting.

“Journey” – The “Journey”, sang by Lea Salonga, has also been one of the favorite graduation songs among Pinoys, as it clearly sounds off or resembles the journey that students have to pass through or experience in order for them to receive their most coveted diploma. The relieved and positive tone of the song is a great way to instill to the graduates’ mind that graduation is not the end of their journey, rather, just start of a new one.

“If we hold on” – Unity and fulfilling dreams are the main theme of the song “If we hold on” by Diana Ross. The optimistic view of the song is a perfect way for graduates to jump start a new phase in their lives with a vibrant start. The song’s main premise is that a dream can easily be fulfilled if it is to be carry out with the help and support of friends and love ones. The song was also the OST of the animation film “Land before time.”

“I will go the distance” – Sung by Michael Bolton and OST of Disney’s Hercules, the song “I will go the distance” has an optimistic and hoping message that it suits newly graduates to pursue the best out of their lives. Not to falter and lose hope or even take risk when necessary, in order for them to reach for their goals in life.

[Reprinted from WikiPilipinas: The Hip ‘n Free Philippine Encyclopedia. ]

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2 thoughts on “Top graduation songs

  1. Larry Ramos

    May tatalo pa ba sa “Climb every mountain” ng batch 78? Reason kung bakit siguro may mga gustong mamundok sa atin noon! Reminder lang peps, sa May 10, 2010. Ka Satur Ocampo and Liza Maza lang para sa Senado. Wala ng iba pa. Thanks

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