We’re making a list


(Note: This list is also being regularly updated on the Facebook page of Batch ’78. Click here to see the list.)

You’re checking it twice. We gotta find out who among the members of Batch ’78 have been accounted for. This list is by no means complete, so we are requesting everyone to provide us the names of batchmates who should be added to (or deleted from?) the list. Sections are being added to the list.

LDHS Batch 1978

  1. Abas, Mel (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/m.abas.246)
  2. Abella, Emelita (IV-9, https://www.facebook.com/emelita.abellacruz)
  3. Absalon, Shirley (IV-12, https://www.facebook.com/shirley.s.absalon)
  4. Abulencia, Emmanuel (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/emmanuel.abulencia )
  5. Agam, Amelia (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001175941702)
  6. Aguila, Victoriano Jr. (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/vic.aguilajr)
  7. Aguilar, Renato Jr. (IV-10, https://www.facebook.com/renato.j.aguilar)
  8. Agustin, Leonora (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/leonora.agustin.7)
  9. Alejandro, Carolina (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008513644864 )
  10. Alfonso, Alejandrino (IV-3)
  11. Alvendia, Violeta (IV-15, https://www.facebook.com/violeta.lafrades)
  12. Amen, Avelina (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/avelina.amen)
  13. Amen, Benjamin Jr. (IV-11)
  14. Ampil, Fermin Jr. (IV-17, https://www.facebook.com/fermin.ampil)
  15. Ampil, Natalie (IV-15, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008219145979)
  16. Angeles delos, Cecilia (IV-13)
  17. Apora, Jose Jr. (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/josejr.apora)
  18. Aquino, Manuel (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/manny.aquino.142)
  19. Arizala, Flor (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/flor.a.tolentino.9)
  20. Avendaño, Antonina (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/antonina.avendano)
  21. Bacolod, Thelma (IV-15, https://www.facebook.com/thelma.bacolod.5)
  22. Bacungan, Virgilio (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/vercorbac)
  23. Bagasan, Jorge Jr. (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009399490116)
  24. Ballesteros, Isabelo (https://www.facebook.com/isabelo.ballesteros)
  25. Bañez, Melany (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/mbjumarang)
  26. Basa, Teresita (IV-2)
  27. Batungbakal, Arnel (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/arnel.batungbakal)
  28. Bernardo, Mayolina (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/mayolina.bernardo)
  29. Beroy, Annabelle (IV-2, Annabelle Aguila)
  30. Bogtong, Francisco (IV-2, Francis Bogtong)
  31. Bondoc, Henry (IV-3, Henry Bondoc)
  32. Bongalon, Evelyn (IV-1, Evelyn T. Bongalon Sangalang)
  33. Borja, Editha (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009255083518)
  34. Buan, Gil (IV-1, Gil Milag Buan)
  35. Buenaventura, Evangeline (IV-3)
  36. Buenaventura, Merle (IV-3)
  37. Bulatao, Froilan (IV-3, Froilan Bulatao)
  38. Bunag, Editha (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/edithabunag.puno)
  39. Cabrera, Froilan (IV-10)
  40. Calonge, Roberto (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/robertodacanay.calonge)
  41. Canlapan, Diwata (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/diwata.canlapan)
  42. Capulong, Evangeline (IV-2, Bangge Capulong Sia)
  43. Carreon, Julieta (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/julieta.pernito)
  44. Castillo, Ligaya (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/ligaya.rubio.35)
  45. Castro, Orlando (IV-2, Orly Castro)
  46. Catimbang, Gloria (IV-9)
  47. Celespara, Flor (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/dolores.lusaria)
  48. Centeno, Salvador (IV-7)
  49. Cervantes, Zenaida (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/zenaida.cervantesvigo)
  50. Chan, Jose (IV-2, Joe Chan)
  51. Ching, Armando (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/armando.ching.7)
  52. Cleofas, Angelito (IV-12, https://www.facebook.com/angelito.cleofas)
  53. Cortez, Alexander (IV-5)
  54. Cristobal, Bernie (IV-2, Bernie Cristobal)
  55. Cristobal, Cristeta (IV-2, Cristy Cristobal)
  56. Cruz, Amorlita (IV-8)
  57. Cruz, Reginal (IV-3)
  58. Cruz dela, Catalino (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/keithdc1)
  59. Cruz dela, Ma. Cristina (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/cristina.delacruz.142892
  60. Custodio, Lowell (IV-12, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008753298089)
  61. Cuaresma, Aleli (IV-7, https://www.facebook.com/aleli.ching.7)
  62. Dabalos, Rodolfo (IV-2, Rodolfo Dabalos)
  63. Deang, Romeo (IV-2, Ymohr Deang)
  64. Dimacali, Ariel (IV-1)
  65. Dimalanta, Ymir (IV–3, Ymir Dimalanta)
  66. Dino, Ariel (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/ariel.dino.73)
  67. Divina, Luis (IV-8)
  68. Dizon, Cristina (IV-5)
  69. Dizon, Diosdado (IV-1)
  70. Dominguez, Yolanda (IV-2)
  71. Dominafor, Salvador Jr. (IV-7, https://www.facebook.com/buddy.salvador.104)
  72. Edralin, Eva (IV-3)
  73. Emocling, Nelda (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/nelda.reyes.58)
  74. Enriquez, Nelson (IV-14, https://www.facebook.com/nelson.enriquez.3139)
  75. Espinosa, Eddie (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/berting.espinosa)
  76. Espiritu, Rizaldy (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/zaldy.espiritu.180)
  77. Esteban, Reynor (IV-5, Reynor Esteban)
  78. Falcon, Jocelyn (IV-8)
  79. Feliciano, Christopher (IV-5, Christopher Feliciano)
  80. Florido, Ma. Rowena (IV-15)
  81. Forfieda, Jean (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/jean.forfiedapagkatotohan)
  82. Fulgencio, Noel (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/noel.fulgencio.71)
  83. Gacuya, Fernando (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/fernando.gacuya)
  84. Gaddi, Ernesto (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/ernesto.gaddi.1)
  85. Gallano, Michael (IV-6, Mike Gallano)
  86. Garganta, Alfredo (IV-3)
  87. Gatmaitan, Elvira (IV-9, https://www.facebook.com/elvira.nunezgatmaitan)
  88. Blancaflor, Samuel (IV-5)
  89. Gaviola, Ruby Rosa (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/ruby.guevarra)
  90. Gonzales, Bernadita (IV-2, Bernardita Cruz)
  91. Grajo, Josefina (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/mojica.marie)
  92. Gutierrez, Eduardo (IV-3)
  93. Gutierrez, Janina (IV-4, Janina Gutierrez)
  94. Gutierrez, Norberto (IV-14, https://www.facebook.com/bert.gutierrez.376)
  95. Hermogeno, Ma. Luisa (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/marialuisa.hermogenoapilado)
  96. Herrera, Julieta (IV-4)
  97. Hipolito, Myrna (Iv-4, https://www.facebook.com/myrna.macabalo)
  98. Hizon, Red George (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/rghizon710)
  99. Hogar, Helen (IV-8, Helen Hogar Bandojo)
  100. Hontilano, Elvira (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/elvie.hontilano)
  101. Hubila, Elsa (IV-4, Elsa Hubilla)
  102. Inamarga, Edgardo (IV-2, Edgardo Inamarga)
  103. Jarabe, Rajel (IV-5, Rajel Jarabe)
  104. Jarabe, Sonnie (IV-2, Sonnie Concepcion Jarabe)
  105. Jaramilla, Perlita (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/pearly.sia1)
  106. Javier, Edgardo (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009470187504)
  107. Javier, Rosita (IV-15, https://www.facebook.com/rosita.1959)
  108. Jimenez, Ma. Theresa (IV-13)
  109. Jesus de, Helen Grace (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/ai.rich.18)
  110. Joaquin, Ana Marie (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/amjchua)
  111. Kaw, Arlene (IV-6, Arlene Kaw Guillermo)
  112. Lacap, Luisito (IV-4)
  113. Lara de, Evangeline (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/evangeline.pacia)
  114. Lat, Yolanda (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/rolando.sanchez.908579)
  115. Lichauco, Helen (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/helen0428)
  116. Liguid, Samuel (IV-10)
  117. Lim, Merle (IV-5, Merle Lim Gardose)
  118. Liwanag, Danilo (IV-15, https://www.facebook.com/danilo.liwanag.528)
  119. Lizada, Dalisay (IV-2)
  120. Llabres, Minerva (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/eva.llabres.37)
  121. Lopez, Mercy (IV-7)
  122. Lorenzo, Ofelia (IV-5, Ofel Lorenzo)
  123. Lozano, Luisa (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/leezah.santos)
  124. Mallari, Ener (IV-5, Ener Mallari)
  125. Mallari, Jesus (IV-5)
  126. Malonzo, Florencio (IV-2)
  127. Mañalac, Yolanda (IV-1)
  128. Manalad, Marilou (IV-6)
  129. Manalo, Catalina (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/catalina.manalo.5)
  130. Manalo, Rosario (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/rosario.manalo.9)
  131. Manuel, Ricardo (IV-1)
  132. Marcella, John Marte (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/jmhmj)
  133. Marcella, Saturnino (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/noytot)
  134. Mariano, Ellionora (IV-5, Ellionora Mariano Ortega)
  135. Mariano, Igmidio (IV-6)
  136. Martinez, Rowena (IV-2, Rowena Martinez Brillantes)
  137. Mendoza, Joselito (IV-4)
  138. Meneses, Romeo (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/romeo.meneses.570)
  139. Mercado, Mario (IV-1)
  140. Mercado, Nenita (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/nitz.joson)
  141. Mercolita, Corazon (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/cora.mercolitajackson)
  142. Miranda, Carmelita (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/carmelita.m.miranda)
  143. Monte de Ramos, Guillermo (IV-1)
  144. Monte de Ramos, Ma. Jocelyn (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/joey.monte.52)
  145. Nadurata, Caridad (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/chaty.naduratapaglumotan)
  146. Ng, Manuel (IV-4)
  147. Ng, Siyute (IV-4)
  148. Nuqui, Joselito (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/joselito.nuqui.3)
  149. Ocampo, Editha (IV-2, Editha Ocampo Cortez)
  150. Ocampo, Gail (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/gail.gatpandan)
  151. Omaña de, Rowena (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/rowena.santor)
  152. Ongjanco, Felimon III (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/fongjanco)
  153. Ortega, Flordeliza (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/lizette.feller)
  154. Ortiz, Ma. Luisa (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/malu.ortizkalyan)
  155. Pabustan, Pilar (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/pilar.p.ignacio)
  156. Pabustan, Rebecca (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/rebeccapabustan.adraneda)
  157. Padilla, Lucy (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/lucy.tsuchihashi)
  158. Pangilinan, Ofelia (IV-15)
  159. Panlilio, Christopher (IV-2, Chris L. Panlilio)
  160. Panlilio, Henry (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/henry.panlilio.1)
  161. Paquiz, Edgar (IV-3, https://www.facebook.com/edgar.paquiz1)
  162. Parungo, Carlito (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/ceegeepee)
  163. Pascual, Marilou (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/mbpascual)
  164. Pati, Rebecca (IV-2)
  165. Peña, Arnel (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/arnel.pena.18)
  166. Peña dela, Reny (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/chiedp)
  167. Perez, Anthony (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/tony1perez)
  168. Perez, Rosita (IV-5)
  169. Pilapil, Rolando (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/rolando.pilapil)
  170. Prado del, Rogelio (IV-1, (Og Del Prado)
  171. Prieto, Virgilio (IV-7, Virgilio Prieto)
  172. Quijano, Ma. Rosarita (IV-1)
  173. Quiros, Rodolfo (IV-3)
  174. Quismundo, Anabelle (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/annabelle.quismundotrinidad)
  175. Rafol, Carina (IV-13)
  176. Ramos, Lauro (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/larry.ramos.357)
  177. Reloza, Loreto Jr. (IV-4, Loreto Reloza)
  178. Reyes, Dennis (IV-6, Dennis Arcilla Reyes)
  179. Reyes delos, Noel (IV-4, Noel Delos Reyes)
  180. Reyes, Wenigilda (IV-14, https://www.facebook.com/winnie.reyes.779)
  181. Roberto, Eduardo (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.p.roberto)
  182. Roque, Noelito (IV-1, https://facebook.com/noelito.roque.5)
  183. Rotoni, Joselito (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/joselito.rotoni)
  184. Roxas, Rosemarie (IV-14)
  185. Salao, Lolita (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/lolita.conde)
  186. Dominador, Salvador (IV-7, Buddy Salvador)
  187. Salvador, Merle (IV-1)
  188. Samaniego, Romeo (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/romeo.samaniego
  189. Samonte, Ma. Natividad (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/marianatividad.cabrera)
  190. Sanchez, Rolando (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/rolando.sanchez.908579)
  191. Sanding, Luisitio (IV-18, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010662007823)
  192. San Miguel, Grace (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/grace.palanca.7)
  193. Santos, Alex (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/santosalex45)
  194. Santos, Divina (IV-2)
  195. Santos, Fernando (IV-17)
  196. Santos, Ignacia (IV-7, https://www.facebook.com/ignacia.santos.39)
  197. Santos, Elisa (IV-10, https://www.facebook.com/elisa.santos.75436)
  198. Santos, Marina (IV-2)
  199. Santos, Marissa (IV-5)
  200. Santos, Rizalina (IV-2, Rizza Santos)
  201. Santos, Rogelio (IV-4)
  202. Santos, Romulo (IV-5)
  203. Santos delos, Alejandro (IV-18)
  204. Singson, Susana (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/susana.delacruz.35)
  205. Sochayseng, Romeo (IV-10, https://www.facebook.com/romeo.sochayseng)
  206. Soriano, Eddie (IV-10, https://www.facebook.com/eddie.soriano)
  207. Soterio, Gaudelia (IV-7, https://www.facebook.com/gaudelia.austria)
  208. Sugay, Percival (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/percival.sugay)
  209. Supetran, Rico (IV-15, https://www.facebook.com/rico.l.supetran?pnref=story)
  210. Suratio, Nora (IV-4, https://www.facebook.com/nora.suratio)
  211. Tantoco, Maria Elvira
  212. Ticar, Dolor (IV-9, https://www.facebook.com/dolor.sanpablo)
  213. Tuazon, Remedios (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/remy.martin.9216)
  214. Urayenza, Emmanuelito (IV-14, https://www.facebook.com/emmanuelito.urayenza)
  215. Urbano, Rufina (IV-17, https://www.facebook.com/rufina.naguit)
  216. Urbiztondo, Josephine (IV-3)
  217. Valdes, Joseph (IV-6, https://www.facebook.com/sailor1234)
  218. Velasco, Carolina (IV-2, https://www.facebook.com/carolina.velasco.946)
  219. Velasco, Rosita (IV-11, https://www.facebook.com/rose.eugenio.92)
  220. Vera, Joselito de (IV-2)
  221. Vigo, Restituto Jr. (IV-1, https://www.facebook.com/jun.vigo.5)
  222. Villanueva, Danilo (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/danilo.villanueva.146)
  223. Villanueva, Venus (IV-12, https://www.facebook.com/venus.villanueva.376)
  224. Vistan, Cynthia (IV-5, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010003879311)
  225. Yamat, Ma. Cynthia (IV-13, https://www.facebook.com/cynthia.y.pascual.9)
  226. Zarate, Arturo (IV-8, https://www.facebook.com/arturo.zarate.395)



9 thoughts on “We’re making a list

  1. Cora B. Mercolita

    HI Batch ’78. I am also looking for all my classmates. Not sure If I was 1V-5 or 1V-6 .Jocelyn Monte De Ramos was one of my classmates.

    The Site Team: Hi Cora. Welcome to our site. You belong to IV-6. We will forward your email to Jocelyn. Please sign up with the LDHS Alumni Network. Arlene Kaw, your classmate is already a member there. Click here to access the network.

  2. Evelyn T. Bongalon-Sangalang


  3. Aleli Cuaresma

    Hello guys, been looking for my classmates. At last i found you. Hope you still remember me. 🙂

    The Site Team: Hello, Aleli. Welcome to the site. We have added your name to the list above.

  4. Rogelio V. del Prado

    Looking for ROGELIO V. DEL PRADO? please check OG DEL PRADO on FB…. Thanks batchmates, IV- 1.

  5. Evelyn Rudi Malinao

    HI! Does anyone know the FB account or CP number of Gaudelia Soterio ? She’s a classmate in elementary. Many thanks for any help.

  6. Joseph E. Valdez

    Admin: Please add me to your list Joseph E. Valdez IV-6
    Pease also add Edgardo Javier & Igmidio Mariano IV-6
    Looking forward to meet old mates…..

    The Site Team: Hi Joseph, we will relay your message to our batchmates managing the Lakan Dula group on Facebook. They have been continuously updating the list there for our planned reunion next year.

  7. Grace San Miguel Palanca

    Hi batchmate! Grace San Miguel (1V-6). Miss you all!

    The Site Team: Hi Grace, welcome to the site!

  8. Virgilio O. Prieto

    Hello guys. Missing you a lot. in God’s will I’ll see you all in 2017 for our grand 40th anniversary reunion.

    The Site Team: Same here. See you in 2018. Wag ka mawawala.

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