What happens in Vegas

We are sharing here a coverage of the special reunion held by our  friends from the United States and Canada on November 21 at Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. The event was attended by 31 alumni and guests, the biggest LDHS-related gathering so far organized by  North America-based graduates.

George Gange (Batch ’68) wrote that the event was made possible by the efforts of the “indefatigable” Rick Javier of Batch ’70, who is now considered to be the de facto leader of our fellow alumni in the continent. Those in attendance were members of Batches ’68. ’69, ’70, ’71 and ’73. George also said the group was able to raise a substantial amount of money for the victims of the recent typhoons that hit the Philippines in quick succession.

George posted more photos online, which you can access here. For members of  LDHS Alumni Network, you can visit the pages of Batch ’71’s Fe Mamaril-Fauni and JayR Cleofas to view more pics. JayR, by the way, was also responsible for the video presentation above.

Incidentally, a number of these people, particularly members of Batch ’70, will be in Manila in January 2010 for a grand reunion to celebrate  their 40th anniversary. Ma’am Beth Bustamante is part of the organizing committee.


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