Models, Inc.

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Following up on our previous post, Keith as model, did you know that several peps were inspired to have their photos taken for consideration in future castings? The spur-of-the-moment pictorial took place during the despedida for Lito Parungo, where, over dinner, Keith dela Cruz shared his first experience as a print model. Challenged, those listening to his story averred they could also do it.

We therefore present to you our classmates in their best element.

Keith striking a pose that landed him the job:


Jocelyn Monte de Ramos:


Ruby Rosa Gaviola:


But the greatest battle was between these two aspiring models, class valedictorian George Hizon and class “best actress” John Marte Marcella:

George and John







Calling on all ad agencies out there, here’s a well of talents just waiting to be tapped and exploited.


3 thoughts on “Models, Inc.

  1. Peter Garcia

    Hi George,

    Baby face ang dating ah. 🙂

    Kumusta na kayo ni Keith? I’m in Amsterdam right now, nakikitira dito sa kaibigan n’yo. Regards.


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