Videoke showdown

Okay, okay, we already know that the peps are a multi-talented bunch. But can they also sing? To find out please watch the videos we shall be uploading here in the coming days, which were shot during Ana Marie Joaquin-Chua’s birthday celebration held at Red Box in Trinoma last August 1. We are starting off with the birthday girl herself with the video above.

The next clip features Keith dela Cruz doing his own interpretation of Kenny Roger’s “She believes in me”:

Ang mga humamon: Didi Espiritu, singing “You’re so beautiful” and Gil Buan, with “Hiding inside myself” (and from the camera):

Below is George Hizon’s interpretation of Kenny Rankin’s “Pussywillow cattails”, with Lito Parungo and the rest of the gang backing him up:

If Ana Marie can do it, her daughter can do it also:

Watch below our class’ dancing queens:

And finally, our diva, John Marcella, in two hot numbers (so hot you want to turn off your computer immediately):

Please click here to view the pics.

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