Ma’am Arafiles’ ordeal

This is a video of a Pinoy television program in the US, which featured the plight of former LDHS teacher Sabina Arafiles and other retirees who are now based abroad. Ma’am Sabina’s pension was recently stopped by the Philippine Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for her failure to renew her so-called e-card online. New rules adopted by the GSIS require that pensioners based abroad should renew their membership via Skype, a chat program that is completely unknown to many of our senior retirees who do not have much experience with computers.

Many LDHS graduates in the US, including George Gange (Batch ’68), have taken up the cudgels for Mrs. Arafiles by getting in touch with GSIS offcials in the Philippines. Mr. Gange has even written a letter to Senator Nene Pimentel and requested the latter to look into this issue. Our fellow alumni are correct in saying that former public servants, especially teachers who have dedicated their lives molding the youth, deserve better treatment from the government.


6 thoughts on “Ma’am Arafiles’ ordeal

  1. Ma. Agnes Mendoza Urban

    Alam kong ang problemang ito ni Ginang Sabina Arafiles ay hindi niya sasarilinin! Ipaaabot niya ito sa lahat ng makapabibigay sa kanya ng kaukulang pansin.

    Alam ko rin na siya’y dudulog sa mga kinauukulan at hihingi ng payo sa mga makakatulong sa kanya -Ang kanyang daing ay daing ng napakaraming mga nanungkulan ng napakahabang panahon sa ating mga paaralang gobyerno na hindi gumagamit ng internet, skype at iba pa.

    Alam ko ring ipagpapatuloy ni Ginang Arafiles ang kanyang naumpisahang ADHIKAIN: na maibigay ang kanyang karapatan at KATARUNGAN bilang guro ng napakatagal na panahon sa Mataas na Paaralang Lakan Dula sa Tondo, Manila.

    Alam ko ring kaagapay niya ang buong dating mag-aaral ng LDHS na nasa America ngayon, pati na rin ang ilang kanyang mga naging mag-aaral sa kanyang idinudulog. Ang kanyang problema ay problema ng ilang retiradong mga gurong nasa ibang bansa ngayon.

    Alam kong ipagpapatuloy ni Ginang Arafiles ang kanyang mga “katanungan” at “kahilingan” sa ating Pamahalaan, sapagkat magkasama kami ni Gng. Arafiles na nagturo sa LDHS! Kahanga-hanga siya, isang tunay na GURO!

  2. George G. Gange

    I’ve noticed you’ve posted some blogs on Mrs. Arafiles and our government retirees’ plight. I’m happy to share with you, below, a positive reaction by one of our respected and illustrious senators from Mindanano, the Hon. Senator Nene Pimentel.

    Thanks again to you and your team for getting LDHS alums in communication with one another.
    Mabuhay kayo!


    Here’s Senator Pimentel’s email:

    Having my staff (Atty. Sora Orcullo) do the research as to what exactly we can recommend to the GSIS to facilitate the access of retirees to their entitlements.

    God bless.


  3. Anthony L. Perez

    have read the plight of one of the school’s mainstays during our high school years. good thing you posted it here. what’s the status of her case? has it been moving forward or nothing yet? as to george, it’s nice to know that somebody from batch ’68 is taking the initiative to help her. keep it up and hope she makes it through.

    keep posting and hope to see you all in our december reunion, batchmates!

    The Site Team: Hi Anthony! First of all, we would like to welcome you to our batch’s website and thank you for your comments. Re Mrs. Arafiles, we received some positive updates from George Gange. We shall be posting all those in this thread soon.

  4. The Site Team

    From today’s issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer :

    Revert to manual mode, GSIS urged

    Lawmakers have urged the Government Service and Insurance System to consider going back to manual operations until it has resolved its computer problems to ensure continued service for GSIS members.

    Gabriela partylist Representative Luzviminda Ilagan said the GSIS needed to focus on providing assistance to its calamity-stricken members rather than engage in a media war with its computer supplier, SAP, which packaged the IBM system that crashed last summer.

    “Let’s go back to manual [operations] if we have to because even the E-card had its flaws. GSIS has to prove that there was indeed a computer glitch because it has already spent millions to repair it. We might as well use the money to serve our members,” said Ilagan.

    Marikina City Representative Marcelino Teodoro was disappointed that the GSIS had chosen to focus its resources on lambasting the computer supplier and making excuses for its delayed services in costly ads instead of using its resources to finance the needs of its members, especially in this time of calamity.

    “Advertisements dedicated to explaining their inadequacy in providing its members accessibility is a futile exercise and must be redirected to improving its services instead,” said Teodoro.

  5. Larry Ramos

    So what’s new with the GSIS? It will continue to stink until this guy, Winston Garcia, is removed. He wanted to have control with other companies like Meralco and yet he cannot run GSIS properly. “PASIKAT”, all noise yet no brains. I seldom venture into politics but the antics of this guy is terrible. There are so many problems in GSIS na hindi niya magawan ng paraan nakikisawsaw pa sa kung anu-anong issue. I suggest to all members of GSIS not to allow him to go out of GSIS without declaring the financial status of this institution, showing where the money and how the money, their valued contibutions, is spent.

    Sorry for being emotional on this GSIS stuff. Quoting a IV-1 pep’s line- “NAKAKAPANGINIG NG LAMAN” kasi e. Who’s the origin of this quote? I know it’s from a IV-1 classmate.

  6. George G. Gange

    Mrs. Arafiles called today to inform me of the good news. After almost 7 months of waiting, she finally is receiving her pension once again. Here’s hoping she will continue receiving it from hereon without anymore interruptions.

    Again, I would like to offer my time to assist any of your pensioners living in the Bay Area(Northern California) experiencing similar difficulties with their required enrollment and pension renewal.

    I pray GSIS powers that be will find some alternative ways that would complement its Skype driven enrollment and renewal procedures (you and I have proven with regar to Mrs. Arafiles’ case that the Skype procedure is not at all infallible) and to lengthen the renewal interval from annually to at least bi-annually. Considering these suggestions will be in the best interest of both the pensioners and the hardworking GSIS stafff. Please also consider the viability of using magic jack wherein your North America, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Island based clients could contact GSIS free of charge or at the most at a very minimal cost and in return GSIS may contact its clients in the mentioned areas free of charge. You may visit for further info.

    As proven by another GSIS pensioner I’ve been assisting who had her voice previously recorded (GVOPS) at the PCGSF, a pensioner could renew ones pension by just utilizing an ordinary telephone.

    cell 408-910-6037

    The Site Team: Hi, George. We took the liberty of reprinting this letter of yours. Thanks a lot for all your initiatives. We’re also happy for Ma’am Sabi, now that her ordeal is over. All’s well that ends well, indeed.

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