Picnic in Canada

LDHS reunions are taking place not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. Fellow alumni in the United States have linked up with each other and are now regularly holding activities. Last July 19 Canada-based graduates from different batches also had a get-together, a picnic held at the Petticoat Conservation Park in Ontario.

Malu and Maam Salome Tamayo
Malu and Ma'am Salome Tamayo

Batch 78’s Malu Ortiz and Josephine Urbiztondo (IV-3) were there to join Leopoldo dela Vega (Batch ’77), Mario Garcia (Batch ’79), Malou dela Vega Guinto (Batch ’80), Ronald dela Cruz (Batch ’80), Roel Laurio (Batch ’82) and former Pilipino teacher Ms. Salome Tamayo.

“It was a day of nostalgia, laughter,” Malu told us in her email. “We were just like children, reminiscing our school and childhood days in LDHS and Tondo.”

Unfortunately, Mario Mercado was not able to make it to the event because of a prior commitment. Malu said she and Mario are trying to set an appointment with Ma’am Salome for another date.

Paul dela Vega, Josie Urbiztondo, Malu
Malu with Paul dela Vega and Josie Urbiztondo

“This is just the beginning,” Malu said, as more activities are being lined up for all LDHS alumni in Canada.

Please click here and here to view more photos. And below is a photo-video presentation made by Cristina Baking-Laurio (Batch ’85):


2 thoughts on “Picnic in Canada

  1. Eric Macatangay

    Ok ‘to ah. Malu hasn’t changed. Congrats at nakapagreunion kayo dyan sa Canada. Iba na ang LDHS, buong mundo na. Hehe.

    Malu, pakikumusta kay Josie, Mario M., and Ma’am Tamayo, too. Good luck.

    Magkita na lang tayo sa December. Uwi ako nun. God bless.

  2. Larry Ramos


    Kahit saan hataw talaga. Kudos to whoever started it in that far side of the world. Malu, kindly send my greetings to all LDHS alumni there and to our dear teacher Ma’am Salome. Best regards, guys.

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