Peps at work

June at LRTA

Haven’t you noticed we don’t have many articles (or pictures) featuring the peps at work or in work-related situation?

To make up we are posting here snaps of June Lapira and his colleagues at the Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), which were taken during the company’s recent team-building outing in La Union and Baguio.

June in Baguio

How would you like to send photos of you at work? Or how about inviting us to your workplaces?

Meantime, see June’s other pictures by clicking here.


One thought on “Peps at work

  1. Lito Parungo

    If you want to see a classmate at work, you better join George in one of those surprise visits to various McDonald’s restaurants in Metro Manila. I don’t know if he still does this, but this is the company’s way of checking the quality of their stores. Sinama niya kami (me and a friend) minsan at talagang hindi na kami makahinga sa kabusugan. Kasi he would order and try all the food items being sold in every store we visited. Ang kapalit? Your opinion about the food, the service and the store ambiance. Nice deal, di ba?

    Kay Larry naman daw, sari-saring Robina products naman daw ang ipapauwi niya sa ‘yo.

    Si June kaya ‘pag dinalaw mo sa work,may libreng LRT card? 🙂

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