Studying abroad


Studying abroad was one topic of conversation we never had in high school. Given our “lowly” situation then, just being able to enrol in college was for us already a feat in itself. After finishing our undergraduate courses, we immediately went on looking for jobs and eventually raised our own families. Taking up post-graduate studies, let alone doing it abroad, was simply not in our scheme of things.

University of Dublin

These were the thoughts in Lito Parungo’s mind when his recent rambling through Ireland’s capital city brought him inside the campus of the University of Dublin. Was it totally impossible for us then to study abroad, or we were just not aware of the many scholarships available even then for poor but deserving students like us? Or could it also be that we didn’t have many role models to emulate in those times?

University of Dublin

While a few peps did manage to earn their masteral (and even doctoral, in the case of Zeny Cervantes) and other post-graduate courses, wouldn’t it have been great if more got the chance to enjoy the best education offered by top learning institutions both in the country and abroad?

Di bale, babawi na lang daw sa mga anak at pamangkin by encouraging them to spread their wings and discover for themselves the value of doing higher learning after their college graduation.

Anyway, warm greetings from our correspondent in Dublin. His next stop in Ireland: Cork.

Lito in Dublin


One thought on “Studying abroad

  1. Eric Macatangay

    hey, tolits, what a nice school is that. really an ideal school to study in. but during our time, we really couldn’t afford it financially. that’s why me and some peps (mel, didi, dado, jun) even had to apply for a loan called study-now-pay-later-plan. baka nga studying abroad was not part of our destiny. with god’s blessings, maybe my grandsons and other relatives get that rare chance in the future. god bless and take care.

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