Céad míle fáilte

Aer Lingus

This is an aircraft of Aer Lingus, the official flag carrier of Ireland and the one that just brought a classmate to this European country. And below is a snapshot of the Heuston train station in Dublin, which is a 50-minute bus ride from the city’s international airport.

Heuston Train Station

From this station rides the train going to Clondalkin-Fonthill, which will be the vacation base of …

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Top 100 hits of 1978

Here’s a list of 100 songs that topped the charts in 1978, as compiled by Billboard. We are reprinting it to guide those who want to have all these hits in their collection. You may have forgotten some songs (and even some artists) so we will try our best to refresh your memory by embedding YouTube videos, like the one above, “I love the nightlife” by Alicia Bridges.

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Chicken à la carte

Filipino filmmaker Ferdinand Dimadura made this short film several years ago and we found it rather surprising that we never got to hear about it earlier. Adjudged the “Most Popular Film” in a competition held in Berlin, this movie gives us a  glimpse into the worsening poverty in the Philippines.

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The search for Maria

Reality shows, in the hopes of topping the so-called ratings game, are devising various ways to get the attention of television viewers. Just like this ingenious gimmick staged by the local program “Search for Maria”, a talent show that will pick the best singer-actress to essay the lead role in the “Sound of Music”, a classic film that is now a popular musical in Europe.

This video was taken at the train’s central station in Antwerp, Belgium, last month. It was supposed to be an ordinary day for all passengers, until they were surprised by a performance of 200 dancers interpreting Julie Andrew’s “Do Re Mi”.

Enjoy it and have a happy Easter!

Growing old gracefully


“We know we’re getting old when the only thing we want for our birthday is not to be reminded of it. “

Our friend Larry Ramos celebrated his birthday recently. Responding to the birthday greetings we sent him, he wrote:

Thanks for the greetings. Birthday lang, hindi happy. Got lot of things to think of. Getting old, missing you guys, missing my father, “death threat” (matanda na kasi eh). Everyone and everything, pumapasok sa isip ko. Somehow I feel so tired and yet I am afraid to rest forever. Ganito pala ang tumatanda, nagiging lalong feeling senti. Sabi nga ng daughter kong si Larizza, “Don’t think you are getting older, you are just getting wiser”. But the way I look at it, mas wise sila, kasi lagi nila ako naiisahan, kaya feeling ko tumatanda. Anyway, just sharing you how I feel nowadays, parang KSP (kulang sa pansin). Masakit isipin na several years from now “dual citizen” na tayo: Filipino citizen and senior citizen.

Some people may see it as a milestone, but for Larry getting old seems to be one dreadful thought. Are you having the same feeling lately? If so, try to seek solace in the following three-step advice on how to grow old gracefully, which we lifted from eHow.

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