Batchmates, batchmates!

Members of Batch ’78 are starting to surface at the LDHS Alumni Network. One of them is Amelia Agam-Inamarga (IV-5), who owns the pictures that we are posting here (click to enlarge). Amelia is the girl sitting beside Ma’am Wilhelmina Lopez.

LDHS IV-5 Girls

batch 78

Amelia even managed to save a photo of our graduation day held at Torres High School. See Ma’am Luisa Rabago, our algebra teacher.

Other Batch ’78 members who have joined the network are Amelia’s husband Edgardo N. Inamarga (IV-2) and Jose R. Apora Jr. (IV-6).


One thought on “Batchmates, batchmates!

  1. Amelia Agam Inamarga

    hello. thanks for posting our class picture on your blog. it really brings back old memories of our high school days. those baduy but happy moments. hope to see more old pictures of our high school days.

    The Site Team: Hi Amy. Thanks also to you for keeping these pics. So many familiar faces. Sana magkita-kita ang marami sa ating batch. Please let us know if you are planning to hold get-togethers in the coming days.

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