April 2008 reunion photos


The pictures taken during the LDHS Grand Reunion held on April 12, 2008 at the Oasis Restaurant in Quezon City have finally been posted online by Oliva de Jesus Friginal of Batch ’69. In the photo above are peps Didi Espiritu, Remy Tuazon, Ruby Gaviola and Gil Buan and the officers of the LDHS Alumni Association.

You can visit Oliva’s page on the LDHS Alumni Network and see more of these reunion photos by clicking here.


One thought on “April 2008 reunion photos

  1. Marian Faith Saavedra Sanchez

    hello guys!!!

    my mother was also a filipino teacher in lakandula high school. and i’m glad na my LDHS ALUMNI NETWORK na.

    i’m sure she will be happy to know that.

    The Site Team: Hi Marian, tell your mom to join us there at the network so that she can also get in touch with her former colleagues and students.

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