Toto Panlilio

chris panlilio

Another batchmate of ours has surfaced. For those who do not know yet, Christopher Panlilio (IV-2) has joined the LDHS Alumni Network. Christopher, or Toto to a lot of us, has been living with his wife and three daughters in Pampanga for the last 20 years.

Chris has gotten in touch with a number of us. Nevertheless, he particularly requested Mario Mercado to contact him. And also Rebecca Pabustan and his other classmates in fourth year.

Chris Panlilio and daughters

Please click here to see more updates on Chris.


One thought on “Toto Panlilio

  1. Rebecca Pabustan-Adraneda

    Hi Toto, ikaw ba yan? Bakit parang ang bait mo ngayon? Ganda ng mga anak mo ah. 3 girls sa iyo, 3 boys naman sa akin. parang familiar ang misis mo. Saan ka sa Pampanga? Nagkaproblema ang computer ko, nakikigamit lang ako sa anak ko ngayon. Can I have your e-mail address, para makapagkwentuhan naman tayo. Talk to you soon.

    The Site Team: Hi Becca, please check your email. We just sent Toto’s contact info.

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