Let it snow

This is the view from Lito Parungo’s apartment in Amsterdam. You can see that it has started snowing in Europe and he can’t help but envy his classmates in the Philippines who are still enjoying a temperature that hovers at around 30° Celcius.

Lito just wants us to vicariously feel the cold weather he and other classmates abroad face every single day during the winter season. Brrrrrr!


6 thoughts on “Let it snow

  1. JayR Cleofas

    Hi! Lito, ang ganda ng view outside your apartment, snowing talaga, pero mas malamig dito sa Winnipeg, it’s about minus 22 C with a windchill factor of minus 38 C today. It’s gonna get colder coz theres a winter storm approaching, it’s gonna hover around minus 48 C including windchill in the next few days, So,we gonna bundle up and enjoy the ride, sanay na sanay na, luckily I will be away for a month, malamig talaga dito…

  2. Lito Parungo

    Hi JayR,

    Grabe nga diyan sa Manitoba. I actually have this friend who immgirated there, but decided to come back here in Amsterdam precisely because of the harsh weather. But once you arrive in the Philippines this month, I’m sure it will be another adjustment on your part because of the tropical weather. But still, mas masaya naman sa atin.

  3. June Lapira

    Sana umulan din ng snow dit sa Pilipinas para hind na kami mangarap pa na magpunta ng Europe or America. Sigura babaha ng Halu-halo pag nagkataon? Hehehe.

    Basta sa akin, may snow o wala tuloy ang saya ng Pasko! Merry Christmas sa inyong lahat saang lupalop man kayo ng mundo.

    Lito, pakitranslate mo nga ang Maligayang Pasko sa Dutch, German, Italian, French, Swedish. Please!

  4. Lito Parungo

    June, punta ka sa site na ito to read (and hear) Christmas greetings in different languages. I-add mo na rin ang Kapampangan (meron ba?).

  5. Zeny Cervantes-Vigo

    Hi Tolits! Happy New Year! I really admire your zest in keeping us updated. On the other hand, I am sorry that I cannot contribute anything. In fact, I seldom have the time to visit our site due to heavy workload. Thank God for the long vacation ‘coz I was able to read some updates in our site aside from the bonding we had with our loved-ones and friends.

    When are you coming back to the Philippines? We really miss your company!

  6. Lito Parungo

    Hi Zen,

    Happy New Year din sa inyong lahat diyan. Kahit matipid ka (at pati na rin si Jun) sa updates about you ok na rin sa amin. Alam naman naming nandyan lang kayo and doing fine.

    Bayaan mo I will let you know ‘pag fixed na ang date ng aking pag-uwi. S’yempre kita-kita na naman tayong lahat.

    Ingat lagi.

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