Memorable birthday


“Thank you very much. I really appreciate the effort you exerted for me. You really made my birthday memorable. Sobrang TY talaga sa inyo. I thank God for having all of you.”

Thus texted a grateful Ronnie Gorgonio after spending his birthday with the peps last Sunday, November 23, at the food court of  SM San Lazaro in Tayuman.


Ronnie, who came with his son (photo above), was greeted by Danny and Remy Tuazon-Martin, Ruby Gaviola, Ana Marie Joaquin, Jo Monte de Ramos, Eddie Roberto, June Lapira, John Marcella and the uber busy Didi Espiritu. John’s friend Edgar and the Martin brothers, Richard and IC, were also present.


This was the first time that Ronnie celebrated his birthday with his high school classmates, and he promised to try his best to join more upcoming activities. As you all know, Ronnie is still busy “dating” a doctor.


Happy birthday again, Ronnie, and we are all praying for your complete recovery.


One thought on “Memorable birthday

  1. Lor Razon

    SM San Lazaro?

    Wow, I was born and partially grew up in the area, Gabriela Street, along Dagupan.

    Maliligaw pala ako diyan kung sakali.

    Loret Lukaret – Dekada 70

    The Site Team: The lot where SM San Lazaro now stands was the former site of San Lazaro Hippodrome. Condominiums and townhouses are also currently being built beside the mall.

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