Mrs. Arafiles ‘revisited’


We are (again!) “stealing” some photos posted on the LDHS Alumni Network, which were taken during the visit made by a group of US-based schoolmates to Mrs. Sabina Arafiles. Ma’am Sabina used to teach English at LDHS and has been living in Panorama City, California for years. We’re glad she’s still up and about, enjoying her retirement.



It’s also nice to know that LDHS graduates from different batches are linking up with one another for a common activity like this one. Those who joined this trip included representatives from batches ’69, ’70, ’71 and ’73.

Our classmate Dado Dizon also got invited to attend but had to beg off because of a prior appointment. Nevertheless, he promised to take part in future activities of our fellow LDHS alumni in the US.


Our compliments to those who organized this get-together and to Fe Mamaril-Fauni for these wonderful photos, especially the one below which reminds us of our own recent emotional reunion with our class adviser Ma’am Fe Lomantas-Calope.


Please click here to view more pictures.

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Arafiles ‘revisited’

  1. Lor Razon

    Words are not enough to describe the joy and happiness of meeting old friends, schoolmates, and teacher such as Sabina (she prefers to be called by her first name).

    George G., kahit gaano katapang si Sabina, and although hindi binaha ng kanyang luha ang Calfiornia, well you know what happened.

    Good news to LDHS Alumni Association sa Pinas. Those who attended the luncheon (Fe and hubby, Lina and hubby, Loret and wifey, Ruby Blanco, Cata Meneses, and Ric Javier) reached for their pockets and came out with over $300 cash donation, which will be handed over either by Ruby Blanco or yours truly late this year or early January 2009.

    Although Sonny Panlilio of ’70 was not able to attend the luncheon, he also donated cash the next day.

    Loret Lukaret

  2. Lito Parungo

    Hi Lor,

    Nice initiative, that donation. Tiyak matutuwa nga ang alumni association. Please ask them if they are planning to hold a grand reunion on LDHS’s 50th foundation anniversary.

    Suggestion: Why don’t you, Ric, Fe, JayR, George G., etc., initiate the formation of an alumni chapter there in North America? Marami na kayo diyan and I’m sure marami kayo maitutulong sa mga future activities. Who knows, baka dito rin sa Europe ‘pag marami na kaming mahagilap.

  3. Lor Razon

    Hi Lito,

    On the 50th Foundation: if the Pinas Alumni Association will not take the lead, we will definitely TRY to take the lead.

    I forgot to mention that we really intended to organize an alumni association of the Americas, but you know what, Sabina Arafiles suggested “why not LDHS Alumni Association Abrod”. Notice the word abrod? And she even agreed to be to adviser and she gave us the permission to use her name to entice membership.

    One of the reasons for our next year’s mini-reunion in Las Vegas, a week before Thanksgiving, is more or les to gauge if there’s enough interest and support for an “abrod” alumni association. It’s just that we are working on our 40th reunion for 2010 and next year’s in Las Vegas.

  4. Ma. Cecilia dela Cruz

    Hi! I’m so happy na makita ko pictures ni Mrs. Arafiles. Naging teacher ko siya year 1981. Graduate ako ng Batch ’83

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