Make me a baby

Ever wondered how your baby would have looked like had you married your celebrity idol? OK, we’re going to find that out with this experiment.

Let’s start off with this cute boy who would have been Ruby Gaviola’s child with Johnny Depp:

And here’s Keith dela Cruz’s fashionista daughter with Paris Hilton:

Remy Tuazon, meanwhile, would have had this little girl with Brad Pitt:

Didi Espiritu could have even won a custody battle against Britney Spears over this baby:

Eric Macatangay’s baby with Charlize Theron, the subject of his nightly dreams in Saudi Arabia:

Lito Parungo’s baby with talk-show queen Oprah Winfrey:

June Lapira and Brooke Shields could have made this baby in a blue lagoon:

And lastly, this could have been the love child of John Marcella (a.k.a. Kate Winslet) with Leonardo DiCaprio had the Titanic not sunk:

Click here if you want to make your own virtual babies. Take note that you can also use photos of local celebrities and even your high school crushes.


2 thoughts on “Make me a baby

  1. June Lapira

    I was pleasantly surprised with these virtual children of ours with famous celebrities. Ang cute ng baby ko with Brooke Shields! Hehehe. Nakakatuwa naman ang outcome ng mixture ng aming genes.

    Could you try pairing me up also with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? Hahaha!

  2. Eric Macatangay

    Bakit ako wala yata dito? Sina Dado at Eddie? Sana lahat para makapili kung sino maganda ang lahi, di ba? Si George at Jun, maganda rin makita mga anak nila. Hehehe.

    The Site Team: Bayaan mo, Eric, we will keep on updating this post. Sino ba gusto mong makapartner?

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