Pauwi na

Nakatisod kami ng isang magandang video ni Noel Cabangon na gusto naming ibahagi sa mga kamag-aral na laging kinakating makauwi ng Pinas. Sana hindi makadagdag sa homesickness.

Buti pa yung isang mama diyan, nagbibilang na ng araw ng kanyang pag-uwi …


Memorable birthday


“Thank you very much. I really appreciate the effort you exerted for me. You really made my birthday memorable. Sobrang TY talaga sa inyo. I thank God for having all of you.”

Thus texted a grateful Ronnie Gorgonio after spending his birthday with the peps last Sunday, November 23, at the food court of  SM San Lazaro in Tayuman.

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Mrs. Arafiles ‘revisited’


We are (again!) “stealing” some photos posted on the LDHS Alumni Network, which were taken during the visit made by a group of US-based schoolmates to Mrs. Sabina Arafiles. Ma’am Sabina used to teach English at LDHS and has been living in Panorama City, California for years. We’re glad she’s still up and about, enjoying her retirement.

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Bayang magiliw, perlas ng silanganan

Just sharing with you a modern interpretation of the country’s national anthem, “Lupang Hinirang”, in this moving video made by advertising executive Mae Paner.

All of a sudden we are reminded of those days in high school when we would start the day by singing the national anthem, with the colatura voice of our principal, Mrs. Eufrocina Capili, drowning out everybody else’s? (Joke lang po!)

Anyway, please click here to read more about the maker and the making of this video.

Ronnie po, may pakain

Ronnie Gorgonio will be celebrating his birthday this Sunday, November 23, and would like to have lunch with all of us at SM San Lazaro Food Court, 11:00 am. This is the first time that Ronnie is celebrating his special day with the peps so make it a point to be there.

Rorie Quijano is also celebrating her natal day on November 24 and we have yet to hear from her if she’s organizing anything. She is leaving for South Korea on the 20th of November for a speaking engagement and will be back two days later, in time for daughter Rachel’s birthday.

And finally, it’s Dado Dizon’s birthday today. Dado, as you all know, will be arriving soon.

Happy birthday to all of you, beloved classmates.