Mel for president

Mel Abas, leftmost, with Eddie and Lito during their college days

We know now why our classmate Mel Abas has yet to get in touch with us: he has been preoccupied with his political career in the United States, where he and his family immigrated a few years ago.

In fact, Mel is creating his own brand of tsunami in American politics by, lo and behold, jumping into the presidential fray. Yes, John Marte Marcella, you read it right. Our dear friend, one of our class’ best orators, is running for president of the most powerful country on earth!

Watch Channel 3’s news repor, Mel Abas for president, which delves into how a grassroots movement could possibly catapult a virtual unknown, a person no American voter has ever seen yet, to the highest office of that country.

Mel, manalo-matalo, tatanggapin ka pa rin amin. Kaya magpakita ka na!

Advance happy birthday on November 1, by the way.


6 thoughts on “Mel for president

  1. Eddie Roberto


    Happy birthday! Though you are a thousand miles away from us, hindi ka pa rin namin makakalimutan. Especially this coming All Saint’s Day…asahan mo na, we will light candles for you…para sa cake mo – hindi pa ako tapos! Anyway, just in case you would be able to read this message…and also to those IV-1 Peps na hindi nakakaalam, same with Mel, yours truly is also jumping into the presidential fray considering the fact that…deep in my heart, I know that I have this guts and ability to save America from the brink of catastrophe and help him regain as well his long lost royal seat to where he rightfully belongs.

    Please visit the link below and watch the video for your information. Enjoy, guys!

  2. Malu Ortiz-Kalyan

    Ang cute nyo dyan sa picture. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Mel, happy birthday and God bless you and your family.

  3. June Lapira

    Mel Abas,

    Nukarin ya wari makatuknang ing kekaming kaklaseng maluwat me nang paintunan?

    Mel, kabalen ko, kaluguran ko. Nung abasa me ining sulat ku malyari mo mag-reply naka! Taksiyopo mo dudurut kami keni Pinas paintunan daka o neng ala ka abe. Nukarin ka wari?! Aroy Dios ko, Mel! Lalto na ka pen!

    Aganaka ku pin birthday mu pala ing November 1? Sige hapi birtday namu ne?!

    Kaluguran mu,

    I June ini alti ka!

  4. Eric Macatangay

    Belated happy birthday, Mel Abas. Alam ko lilitaw ka na. Hula ko sa 2010. At saka di sa US tatakbo yan, dito sa Pinas. Nakikita ko sa baraha ko. Saka alam nyo ba andyan din ako sa pics sa Ángono. Kahit isa-isahin nyo yan noh lagi me present. Saka dyan naihi si June lapira sa ref, malamig daw ang pakiramdam. Hehehe.

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