LDHS alumni network now online

We are pleased to announce that a website aimed at linking up Lakan Dula High School graduates all over the world is now online. An initiative of our class, the site has been named LDHS Alumni Network and can now be accessed via this URL: http://ldhsalumni.ning.com.

The online community is our response to requests from fellow graduates who had been goading us to initiate the setting up of a site that would cater to all LDHS alumni.

Compared with this blog, the LDHS Alumni Network is more interactive. All members get their own profile page and can upload their announcements, photos, videos, and music. They can also interact with other members through the built-in chat, forum, blog, and e-mail features. The site’s official languages are Filipino and English.

Needless to say, the success of the site is dependent on how active the members are in maintaining it and in gathering as many alumni as possible. (Please take note that LDHS administrators, teachers, and employees – past and present – can also join this network.)

The site is still under construction and will definitely undergo a lot of changes, especially in its appearance. Forming an administration team is also being planned, so we call on all those interested to get in touch with us or the Network’s interim web team.

Visit the site now and be counted.


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