Campus writers

This photo was sent to us by Fe Mamaril-Fauni of Batch ’71. It features that year’s staffmembers of both The Barangay (TB), which Fe edited, and Ang Baranggay (AB). The pic was taken during their graduation day and they are shown here with TB’s adviser, the late Mrs. Elma Pineda-Baking.

Aside from Mrs. Baking, the other advisers the school papers have had – or at least those known to us – include Miss Lilia Andres (AB), Miss Fe Capule (TB), and Mrs. Yolanda Perez (AB and TB).

Since a couple of years ago, The Barangay has stopped publication due to the lack of an adviser. Ma’am Yoly is still the current AB adviser and trains contestants for the English category of journalism competitions that are still being held to this day.

During our recent visit to Lakan Dula High School, Ma’am Yoly informed us that both AB and TB have for years consistently placed in the Top 5 Best School Papers. We will be getting in touch with her soon to ask her to help us complete our list of AB and TB editors-in-chief, which we are posting below.

Thanks to all those who helped us with this initial list. Please use our comment section for additional names (or corrections).

List of Editors-in-Chief of Ang Baranggay and The Barangay


TB: Demetrio Mandia


TB: Vernon Torres


AB: Leonila de Jesus
TB: Honorio Nicolas


AB: Augusto Chua
TB: Magfelia Mamaril


TB: Bella Aurora Cipriano


AB: Ernestina Jose
TB: Ardeliza Madenilla


AB: Leopoldo dela Vega
TB: Herminia de Leon


AB: Carlito Parungo
TB: Ma. Rosarita Quijano


AB: Policarpio Permejo
TB: Amelia Monsayac


AB: Jocelyn Taller
TB: Cornelia Bisa


AB: Rogelio Tenerife
TB: Ma. Lourdes Quijano


AB: Alfredo Jose
TB: Ma. Christina P. Baking


AB: Rolando Basmayor III
TB: Sheila Elecho


2 thoughts on “Campus writers

  1. Honorio Nicolas

    Since you mentioned our school paper garnering awards/recognition in journalism competitions, it would be nice if you could post these achievements for the information and appreciation of all those who were and are connected with our school.

    If my memory serves me right, Leonila de Jesus was the editor-in-chief of Ang Barangay 1969-70.

    The Site Team: Nice suggestion. We will ask the current journalism adviser to provide us a list of past winners of these journalism competitions. And thanks for providing the name of your batch’s chief editor.

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