Welcoming Ariel and June

Keith, Remy, Eddie, George, John, June, Jo, Ariel and Ruby

Ariel Dimacali has just sent us these photos taken during the welcome sessions given by the peps to him and June Lapira and to Eddie Roberto, who just arrived from Qatar.

The first get-together was held on September 11 in Mall of Asia and the second was held on September 14 at the Guevarra’s residence in Filinvest, Quezon City.

In an email, Ariel wrote that seeing the peps again was quite overwhelming. He described the first meeting as “intense”, especially when he was made to answer a number of personal questions. “Actually, I was placed on the hot seat,” declared Ariel.

On a sad note, Ariel also shared that his mother had passed away in 2006.

It was the first time in more than 20 years that Ariel and June were joining the peps. According to George Hizon, June was so happy to see us in this website that he was inspired to draft that poem, now one of the most-commented posts so far. “Knowing that was really heartwarming,” enthused George.

Over dinner, they talked about some family stuff like parenting, child-rearing, etc. “I felt their deep love for their children, and how they give concrete meaning to what love is,” continued George, adding, “Everyone also agreed on the importance of looking back at the past, which continues to inspire us to strive more and, of course, the importance of having true friends around you.”

For her part, Remy Tuazon-Martin, who came with husband Danny, shared her amazement at how memories of our high school days, despite having been told a million times, would still make everyone go into fits of laughter. “The peps are simply good storytellers,” Remy said, “they know how to recycle an old story and give it a new twist.”

And as usual, those who were not present also became topics of conversation. “Talagang masarap pulutan ang mga wala,” Remy reported.

In the second gathering at Ruby’s place, Lito Parungo was able to join the peps via a video conference. They also called up Mario Mercado and Malu Ortiz in Ontario and Dado Dizon in Los Angeles to invite them to join the fun, but it was still too early in their part of the world for them to pick up the phone.

Ruby and Noel: the ever gracious hosts

More photos are also posted on our photo site. Meantime, the search for the other peps continues …


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