Campus writers

This photo was sent to us by Fe Mamaril-Fauni of Batch ’71. It features that year’s staffmembers of both The Barangay (TB), which Fe edited, and Ang Baranggay (AB). The pic was taken during their graduation day and they are shown here with TB’s adviser, the late Mrs. Elma Pineda-Baking.

Aside from Mrs. Baking, the other advisers the school papers have had – or at least those known to us – include Miss Lilia Andres (AB), Miss Fe Capule (TB), and Mrs. Yolanda Perez (AB and TB).

Since a couple of years ago, The Barangay has stopped publication due to the lack of an adviser. Ma’am Yoly is still the current AB adviser and trains contestants for the English category of journalism competitions that are still being held to this day.

During our recent visit to Lakan Dula High School, Ma’am Yoly informed us that both AB and TB have for years consistently placed in the Top 5 Best School Papers. We will be getting in touch with her soon to ask her to help us complete our list of AB and TB editors-in-chief, which we are posting below.

Thanks to all those who helped us with this initial list. Please use our comment section for additional names (or corrections).

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LDHS alumni network now online

We are pleased to announce that a website aimed at linking up Lakan Dula High School graduates all over the world is now online. An initiative of our class, the site has been named LDHS Alumni Network and can now be accessed via this URL:

The online community is our response to requests from fellow graduates who had been goading us to initiate the setting up of a site that would cater to all LDHS alumni.

Compared with this blog, the LDHS Alumni Network is more interactive. All members get their own profile page and can upload their announcements, photos, videos, and music. They can also interact with other members through the built-in chat, forum, blog, and e-mail features. The site’s official languages are Filipino and English.

Needless to say, the success of the site is dependent on how active the members are in maintaining it and in gathering as many alumni as possible. (Please take note that LDHS administrators, teachers, and employees – past and present – can also join this network.)

The site is still under construction and will definitely undergo a lot of changes, especially in its appearance. Forming an administration team is also being planned, so we call on all those interested to get in touch with us or the Network’s interim web team.

Visit the site now and be counted.

Valedictorians and salutatorians

We’re making a list and checking it twice …

We’d been interested to make a list of the school’s valedictorians and salutatorians from 1965 to the present. So we got in touch with fellow alumni yesterday and asked them who topped their respective batches. A number of them promptly replied and we managed to come up with the initial list below.

We are also publishing a list of past editors-in-chief of both Ang Barangay and The Barangay, our student newspapers.

We ask all those in the know to please help us complete these lists. Salamat po.

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High school subjects

We are posting here two report cards we dug up recently: one from our sophomore year and the other from our junior year (click images to enlarge).

Note that the subjects in these cards – also known as Form 138 A – may slightly vary from those of the other students from other sections. The reason is that after our freshman year, we were made to choose so-called elective subjects, on which our section in the two succeeding years would also become dependent.

The first report card came from a II-2 student whose elective was business mathematics. The subjects being taught then were the following: English, Pilipino, Araling Panlipunan, Agham (biology), Matematika (algebra), Mga Sining na Kapaki-pakinabang (home economics for the girls and practical arts for the boys), Youth Development Training (YDT), Sariling Pili (business mathematics).

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PLM @ 42

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) is one university that has nurtured thousands of graduates coming from Manila’s public high schools, not excluding Lakan Dula High School.

Our classmates Ariel Dimacali, June Lapira, Evelyn Bongalon and Buddy Ignacio are all PLM alumni. So is George Gange (IV-1, Batch ’68), a distinguished PLM alumnus, who is inviting everyone to attend the school’s upcoming grand reunion homecoming.

Excerpts from their invitation:

“The new PLM Alumni Association (PLMAA) is organizing a Grand Alumni Homecoming on February 25, 2009 through March 3, 2009, four decades since its alma mater opened its doors in 1967 to poor but deserving students.

“Billed as PLM @ 42, the Grand Alumni Homecoming theme will be “4 na Dekada . . . Walang Kakupas-kupas”. PLM Batch ’68 Development Foundation will play host batch.”

Visit the PLMAA website to know more about the event.

Class of 1978 yearbook now online

In the article Graduation Day we made a promise to publish our batch’s yearbook. After months of waiting, we finally got hold of a copy and we are glad to announce that it is now ready to be viewed and downloaded.

Ours is the 14th batch to graduate from Lakan Dula High School. Based on our earlier calculation in the aforementioned article, we estimated that the school’s foundation year was 1961. We were wrong. Our classmate Mario Mercado pointed out it should be 1962, as what appears on the yearbook cover that he himself designed.

Leafing through the pages of this souvenir program will kind of give you goosebumps. It was quite an experience seeing all those familiar faces (and names) again and recalling the circumstances of your association with them during those innocent and carefree years.

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