Slambook, ghost stories, etc.

Expect the unexpected when the peps are gathered in one room. We mean the range of topics they choose to discuss is really amazing. The get-together last July 17 at Ruby Rosa Gaviola-Guevarra’s residence was no different, this time with all the attendees trying to upstage one another with their own experience with the supernatural. Was it the ambiance that night that led them to this topic?

Anyway, emerging as winner was Zeny Cervantes-Vigo, our class salutatorian, who shared the most hair-raising stories. Watch her here (with the class valedictorian, George Hizon, providing the loudest canned laughter):

Her ghost stories were really powerful that even Nitz Mercado-Joson’s son, Victor Jaime, could not suppress his appreciation:

Another highlight of the evening was the reading of Remy Tuazon-Martin’s high school slambook and copies of Ang Baranggay, our school publication in Filipino. Lito Parungo led the reading (in the style of a mass):

We will try to feature more contents (and photos) from this slambook soon. Dapat n’yong mabasa ito. Grabe talaga kung paano tayo mag-isip noon. 🙂

The complete attendance that night: Zeny, Lito, Nitz (with Patricia and Victor Jaime), Keith dela Cruz, George, Ruby, Gil Buan, Jo Monte de Ramos and Pearly Jaramilla (with Kei, Lloyd and Michelle). Ruby’s family, of course, also joined the fun.

See our photos here. Thanks to Patricia for taking most of these pictures.


One thought on “Slambook, ghost stories, etc.

  1. Sheila Mae

    NIce website! Nakakatuwang basahin. Sana mayroon din para sa lahat ng graduates ng Lakan Dula. Para makasali din po kami.

    The Site Team: Hi Sheila. Salamat sa pagbisita. Wala pang site na para talaga sa alumni eh. Hayaan mo, malay mo baka may mag-initiative.

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