History museum

Ma’am Yoly, Ma’am Fe, Remy, Jo, Lito, George inside the principal’s office

When we went to Lakan Dula High School last July 10, we received a sollicitation letter from Mrs. Florinda V. Sarabuno, head of the school’s social studies department, for the building of a mini-museum that focuses on Tondo.

Below is Mrs. Sarabuno’s letter to our batch, addressed to our classmate Lito Parungo. The letter, which can also be downloaded here, has the endorsement of LDHS’s current principal Mrs. Rosalinda C. Nepomuceno. The full text:


In line with the thrust of the Department of Education to make the students aware of the historical and culutral heritage of the Filipinos, schools are tasked to put up a museum that will showcase the significance of the relationship of artifacts, tools, old photos and ohter museum items to the history of the nation.

Along this aspect, the Social Studies Department of Lakan Dula High School deems it timely to put up a mini museum that will focus on local history particularly Tondo, which is a very historical part of Manila. The school coordinated with the National Historical Institute which will supervise and give direction in putting up a museum.

We are counting on you as alumnus of Lakan Dula High School to lend your support to this worthy project. Indeed, it will be a great honor if your batch will be one of the sponsors in having this project realized. Attached is the quotation of the initial art materials to be needed from the National Historical Institute.

Thank you very much and we will look forward to your favorable response on the matter.

Very truly yours,

Florida V. Sarabuno
Head, Social Studies Dept.

Rosalinda C. Nepomuceno

If you want to donate or ask for more information, please use the following contact information provided by Mrs. Sarabuno:

Email: ldhs_08[at]yahoo[dot]com
Fax: +63 2 2525094
Landline: +63 2 2529794
Mobile: +63 9178586851


One thought on “History museum

  1. Manuel S. Vardeleon

    Graduate din ako ng Lakan Dula High School, batch 1980 (IV-2). All of those teachers of IV-1, batch 78, ay teacher naging guro/mentor ko rin.

    I do appreciate a lot the efforts of IV-1 batch ’78 (and the other batches also) for continuously reinvigorating the memories of our high school life in our alma mater.

    More power at sana may kaklase rin akong mag-post dito.

    The Site Team: Tell your batchmates, you are all welcome to post here. And if they could help us find our missing teachers.

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