Reunion speeches

The opening speeches delivered by our high school teachers during our class reunion last July are now uploaded on our YouTube channel. Below is Ma’am Fe Calope-Lomantas’s very inspiring talk:

To watch those of Mrs. Yoly Perez’s and Ma’am Beth Bustamante-Hua’s, please click here. We will be posting more videos soon.


2 thoughts on “Reunion speeches

  1. Fernando Santos

    ‘Kakainggit naman kayo in touch pa rin after all these yearssss. Sana kami rin mayroong tulad nito. Oopss let me intruduce myself. Alam ko di n’yo ko kilala kasi sa lV-4 ako batch 1978. Pero nagpalipat ako ng lV-17 kasi nag-wowork ako noon sa umaga. Pero kilala ko si Larry Ramos at Roger del Prado. Classmate ko sila noon. lll-3 yata? Sana pakisabi kay Larry ‘yung promise niya na picture noong third year namin hintay ko pa rin. Dito nga pala ako sa Guam kasi last time na makontak ko si Larry ay sa England ako noon.

    God bless Us all. Bye and thanks.

    The Site Team: Welcome to the site, Fernando. It’s really nice to have batchmates getting in touch with us. Don’t worry, mababasa ni Larry ang message mo. Ingat ka diyan sa Guam.

  2. Larry Ramos

    Dear Ferds,

    I still have your email add and I am still keeping my promise. I-email ko sa ‘yo once na mapa-scan ko ang picture. It is in my office in Pasig. I am still here in Cagayan De Oro, El Salvador City and as soon as i return to Manila I will do it. Pasensya na, p’re. Yap classmates tayo nina Rogelio Del Prado nung third year at ako ang panggulo este pangulo ny’o under Mrs. Bosi. I am glad you were able to visit our site. God bless.


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